Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Trade, Contest Winnings, A Trade

   Hello again all. Today I continue to keep my promise to post all my trade packages and am glad to do so.
   Eric over at his new blog Manupatches & Chrome Scratches has some great posts and at one point he was "chumming the waters" with some trade bait and he reeled me in with this great card.

Ron Blomberg - NY Yankees - 2003 UD Yankees Sig Series (Its a buy back pulled from 2008 UD)

Ron Blomberg etched his name in baseball history when he became the first player to DH in a game against the Red Sox on April 6, 1973. I really like the fact that I have an auto card from a Yankee that will always be the first to do something in major league baseball. Eric also decided to add some Mets stuff to add to my favorite team's collection.

    Some 2010 Topps 206 parallels. The Big Pelf and Reyes minis are caramel backs.

 Some other variety for several Mets players collections.  Our first trade was great and I look forward to making more trades with Eric in the future.

  Another package was a two in one envelope from Jon over at Community Gum. In one of their  bazillion great contests over there they ran a pack lottery deal where you needed to use advanced mathematics, quantum physics, earth science, and and an abacus to figure what players achievement number, serial number, pants size, social security number, and hat size would come out of the box to win some Topps Moments and Milestones cards. It was great fun and I must be smarter then I look as I came away with winning nine cards.
 These four are my favorites.

  Ant these are pretty good too. Somewhere along the way Jon and I began the workings of a trade where he had some 2009 O-Pee-Chee cards I liked so he sent them along with my contest winnings.

  Some black borders along with a NY card. (I couldn't include the Ollie Perez card in the picture as to not upset any Mets fans out there but he is a Met so it goes in the binder quietly and I move on.)

   Some more for the collections. Thanks for a great contest Jon and Andy and thanks to Jon for a good trade. I will have a package heading your way soon.

  Don't forget about my group break happening HERE. There are still good teams left so jump on in to join the fun. I have quite a few packs/boxes to open so you will get your fill for sure.

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


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