Friday, February 4, 2011

Never Too Many Razor Letterman From Too Many Granderson's Break

   Hello all. As you may have seen in a few posts around Blogoland, Dennis over at Too Many Grandersons busted a second case of 2008 Razor Letterman and I was in again. How could I say no when he promised me an Ike Davis 1/1. Now I surely would be happy with any Ike Davis but if he says It will be a 1/1, who am I to complain. The break guaranteed 5 Letter patch autos and Dennis in his usual generous self  bumped it up to six and then during the wheeling and dealing trade portion of the live break he and I made a two for one trade to bring my grand total up to seven. Let's see what I came home with.

   He even put them back into the wrappers so it was like I got to rip my own packs!

Tim Beckham 18/20 (Tampa Bay)
David Cooper 18/20 (Toronto)
   There were so many serial number cards pulled that these two were my last two choices during the draft. I like the two toned letters they use on the /20 cards. These are up for trade.

Christian Friederich 5/20 (Colorado)
Kyle Skipworth 2/5 (Florida)
Curtis Petersen 5/5 (Florida)
   I like the black and silver on the /5 cards but they should have uses a different color background. I Picked up the Friedrich for Johnny over at Cards from the Quarry so somebody get him a sweet Mets card so we can make a deal or maybe we can set up a three person trade or something. I am keeping the Skipworth (unless somebody blows me away with an offer) but the Peterson is up for trade.

   The last two cards are Mets so lets see the Ike Davis!

Reese Havens 5/20 (New York N)
Reese Havens 4/5 (New York N)

    What! No Ike Davis! But you promised Dennis! You promised me an Ike Davis 1/1! I'm calling the Blog Police, The Better Business Bureau, The State Troopers, or anybody else who will listen. I demand a recount! I declare a mistrial! The Giants win the pennant, the Giants win the pennant! I want my MTV!  Is there a doctor in the house?! Got Milk?!  (OK, my fake rant is out of control now.)

I just love seeing /5 on the backs of these cards.

     But wait, there was more in the box...........

Donruss EEE School Colors Ike Davis 0711/1500

    Dennis must have felt bad so he through in some extra surprise goodies including an Ike Davis.

    Some Mets and Yankees........

   .....and even some stuff for the American flag collection.

    Thanks for a another great break Dennis, I love the cards I got and the extras are a nice surprise. 

    Speaking of group breaks, mine is blasting off sometime Sunday or Monday so there is still time to grab one of the teams left. Go HERE and you can still get a mess of cards from the D-Backs, Angels, Marlins, Brewers, and/or Pirates. I am not too surprised that the D-Backs Angels, and Pirates are left but the Brewers and Marlins were not two of the teams I expected to keep for myself. Over all I am way happy about so many people getting in and I am looking forward to getting going. If you have your teams already and need to pay, please try to send payment soon. 

   Also don't forget to get into my blog's first birthday contest HERE for a chance at some not so great but not so bad cards I am giving away to 5 lucky winners.

That's all I have for now. Keep Rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


hiflew said...

That Friedrich is so sweet. I am actually hoping to do poorly in your break so you will feel sorry for me and include it hehe.

I do have nice cards for either a Phillies, Cardinals, or Orioles fan in a three way.

caljr3000 said...

Sorry I'm an enormous liar who can't deliver on promises, but I'll make it up to you next break--hell, I'll DOUBLY make it up next break: I'll pull you an Ike Davis 1/2 / 1/2 card!
Or, if you want to get back at me, promise you'll pull me a Justin Verlander 1/1 in yours. Then you either won't and you'll have your revenge, or you will, and then I'll really feel like a jackass!

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