Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Loose Packs = Scores!! The Break Moves Along Plus More Documentary Teams.

    Hello all, I have some more loose packs for today's group break installment. I think it was a good day but you be the judge.

    I am very happy to see multiple hits come out. It's ironic that the pack that assured the hit had a long expired redemption but I am happy to throw in a T-96 auto I have from a Pack Rip Cafe post. I may have said that it would go to the A's but it's only fair to random it off among all the teams (except mine). I apologize to Scott for saying it would go to the A's but I want to be fair to all. I am real happy with the Beltran hit but I have to say the Adam Jones bat is a great looking card. I think every team got at least one card out of this round if I remember correctly. The count page is updated. Let's see a few more of the Documentary teams.


 An All Star insert looks good.


Three gold parallels go to the M's.


The pirates made out pretty good with five golds.

     All in all a good day for some great cards. That's all I have for now so keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


caljr3000 said...

If threatening you produces hits, consider yourself threatened, bro.
That's cool of you to random off the auto in lieu of the redemption.
And though the break is clearly rigged, nice pull on the Jones bat card, it looks great!

hiflew said...

It's cool that you are going to random the auto, but if I happen to win go ahead and send it to the A's. It's not like it's a big moneymaker or anything and it would probably mean more to him than me.

BTW, my guess for the Documentary auto is Joe Koshansky. Of course, if it is a Rockie I am hoping for Ubaldo.

Anonymous said...

uh...hey Smed, he hasn't shown the UD Doc Twins yet...

Ryan said...

Well, "threatening" may be a stretch. I would say just just "encouraged"! HAHA. I think the bat card will go nicely beside the Jones 206 auto I got from A Carboard Problem's group break last year! Very Nice. Now, let's get some MOJO for everybody else in the break!

Matt Pederson said...

It has made my evening the past couple of nights to have NOT seen the Cubs in the Documentary groups. Let's keep it up.

dawgbones said...

I knew I should have held your Wright Fathead for ransom, if it was going to take threats to get hits here!!! Nice going, 3 hits in one post. Keep it up there BA.

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