Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time's Running Out To Get Into The Group Break plus Some more Packs Into the Pot.

   Hey all. Just a quick reminder about my group break that will begin either tomorrow or Monday depending on my schedule. We still have 5 slots left If you want to get in before it's too late. The D-Backs, Angels, Brewers, Pirates, and Marlins are left. Along with one of those teams you will get to choose an NFL team to go with it as I have some football packs to add some variety to the break. HERE are all the details on the sign up post. Jump on in before it's too late, time's running out.

   While I was out today running errands I decided to stop by the local Target store to pick up a new hair dryer since my wife and daughter have put another one to rest yesterday and I figured I would see if they had any 2011 Topps in stock. Well there was not a single 2011 card to be had, I don't even think they have stocked them yet since there wasn't even an empty gravity feeder of 2011 tag on any of the empty racks. I feel so left out as I haven't even touched a 2011 card yet while I read all these posts with the series one breaks. I will be getting some soon  and from what I have seen I will be chasing several of the insert sets again this year as I did last year so hang on to those doubles for me people. My loss is the group participants gain as I grabbed some more stuff to throw into the break since I was shut out of 2011 packs. Twelve more loose packs for the break.

  I have also decided to offer any of the football teams not claimed to people in the break at a cost of $5 or an interesting trade offer. That's right, If you are in the break you can grab another football team for $5 or an interesting trade offer. The NFL teams left are the Cardinals, Falcons, Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, 49'ers, and Buccaneers. These teams can be had at bargain basement prices to members of the break. Any body interested can e-mail me and if nobody new picks up one of the 5 remaining baseball teams and picks a football team they can be yours.

That's all I have for now.

Thanks for Reading!


caljr3000 said...

If it takes you less than 24 hours of straight pack busting, it's not enough packs. Get your ass back to Target.

Colbey said...

Love this year's Magic football - glad to see that pack in the pic!

Community Gum said...

You're not the only one sans 2011. I've hit 2 different walmarts only to come up empty. I would try more places if it weren't for the snow.

cubsfan731 said...

Make this three-I've checked both Target and Wal-Mart around here, and there's no 2011 to be seen.

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