Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Have Some Rings

   Hey all. A quick (scheduled) post to show the rings I have gotten from the Diamond Give Away dig. It adds a little bit of a twist to the whole card give away thing Topps is now throwing at us again this year.

   I like the old school teams and the legend players. Not much else to say on these, I guess I will keep digging for the slight chance at a real prize.

Thanks for Reading!


Axemanohio said...

Did you hit any good cards?

Anonymous said...

Two Twins rings? I'll have to trade for one of those.

btw, got a '99 Pacific Revolution Piazza and a 2006 UD Future Stars Soler auto (neat see-through jobby)

Colbey said...

I've got 15 rings so far - maybe 12 different total. I got a Yankee ring I'll trade ya once the feature does live.

Anonymous said...

The rings are pretty cool. Got 7 (1 dupe, Koufax) so far. I like that they are making the giveaway a lil more interesting this year.

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