Friday, February 11, 2011

The First Box Is Opened and Loose Packs Continue.

   Hello all. The group break continues with the first box of 2009 UD Signature Stars. I think it's a good box and a pretty good product. Check it out and let's hear what you think.

    The loose packs continue as well. Somehow the video didn't record when I opened these so this video is take two.

   There you have it, the next segment of our break is in the books. The page with the counts is updated as well so you can see where you stand after today's break action. Looks like the Twins and White Sox are having the most luck early on so far. Below are pictures of today's hits.

  These are my two beasts Booda (left) and Cosmo (right). I didn't want the post thumbnail pic to spoil the hits.

 Congrats to hiflew (Johnny) and Scott for scoring these two hits.

    These two Team USA are still up for grabs but we will have to wait til the end of the break to see who gets them.

    That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!


caljr3000 said...

I liked the box, that looks like a cool set, and I can't wait to see who gets the randomed hits. Thanks for pulling me a Tettleton, I love that guy. Go ahead and keep that Dontrelle you pulled, you like him more than I do.

hiflew said...

Well obviously I loved the box, first CarGo auto coming home. But even without that the set is pretty cool. The Mauer and the manu patch were sweet as well. I'm not too thrilled of the jersey card of a high school kid, but all in all a very successful box.

dawgbones said...

First off, very cute Pups. Wow, what can I say, all those nice looking cards, and only 2 Phillies!! Gotta say I don't like the 2009 UD Signature Stars, at least as far as this break goes. What's Upper Deck got against my Phils?? Those are some nice looking jersey cards. I agree on the 08 Series card, we got the series, the rays can have the card, Look forward to the continuation...

Axemanohio said...

Nice pups! nice pulls for me. can't wait for more.

Colbey said...

Lots of Red Sox base cards (trade fodder), but I was happy to see the Daniel Nava card out of the bonus Bowman pack. Any Josh Hamilton cards yet? Don't recall seeing any yet.

82Redbirds said...

I thought that 92 Score pack was never going to end! (and not a single Cardinals in the pack) Anyway, I was pretty happy with the box...several Cardinal base cards, but no auto for me yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hey...congrats on hitting 100 followers!

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