Thursday, February 17, 2011

2008 Topps Heritage Updates Blaster and a Contest Plug

  Hey all. Time is short today (sorry) so I have just the 2008 Topps Heritage Updates blaster for today's part of the group break. I should have time this weekend to knock out a bunch of stuff for the break.

  Not bad, not great. A few black back parallels and a couple of sn'd chromes (one refractor) were cool.
   The counts on the side bar page are updated. Hope you are enjoying the break so far. We aren't even half way yet so there is plenty more to go.

   On the contest front, Crinkly Wrappers is having his own Topps 60 Years of Cards give away. His is even better then Topps because his are real cards from 1952-2011. Go check it out.

Thanks for Watching!


caljr3000 said...

Ouch, I got one card in the whole box and it wasn't even a Tiger.
Whoever has the White Sox, any chance I can get the Clayton Richard from you?

Anonymous said...

Jaime Garcia rookie card...I can't complain

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