Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Finally Got My Hands On Some 2011 Topps

    Hello all. Today I take a break from the group break to show off some stuff I got from 2011 Topps. Well not a real break as I did video for the 4 jumbo repacks plus another one as a bonus pack but you will have to wait til tomorrow for that. (I have a teaser picture at the bottom of this post).
    When none of the 3 card shops in my traveling distance still had no 2011 Topps and neither did my local Target have even a sniff so I finally broke down and went the ebay route and ordered a jumbo box. I think I did ok at $115 with free shipping but it does piss me off that last year I got my jumbo boxes of both series one and two for $90 and & $85 respectively at my LCS. I really don't like to not use my LCS for boxes as I like the owners and want to give them my business but once again Topps screws the local guy by delaying shipping and jacking the prices and I didn't want to miss out so I bit the bullet. It arrived last Thursday but I finally got around to sorting it today after running errands with the wife.
    Any way I am happy with what came in the box. I completed the base 1-330 and got an extra hit.

    The highlights of the sparkles is the Dillon Gee (Mets). It's the only one I really need so if you have any Mets or Yankees sparkles let me know.

     I also got 1 black /60

    Interestingly only 5 golds this year. Used to be one per jumbo pack.

Now for the hits.

   The Sabathia manu glove looks pretty cool and at least Albaldejo is a Yankee. I redeemed the Bourjos auto today so we will see how long it takes, when it arrives it will be for trade. The Votto silk is way cool, I will trade it for a Mets silk though. I think that the extra hit may be instead of any of the variation cards as I didn't get any of those.
    We all have seen the reviews all over the place so I will just say I like this years set a lot. People complained about them rehashing last years insert sets but I liked them last year so I like them again this year too. All in all, a good release from Topps in my opinion.

    While running errands today I took my wife out to brunch, a restaurant conveniently near one of the card shops, and afterwards I ducked in and they finally had some 2011's so I grabbed 2 jumbo packs along with a few game used cards from 3 for 5 box. The girl behind the counter had the mojo as she gave me 2 hit packs!

 A Price manu glove and a Mariano Rivera game used card. A couple more sparkles but no golds. The Price is available for the right price. (Groan, I didn't just say that did I?)
There it is, my jump into 2011 Topps. I am pretty happy with the results. I am chasing all but one of the insert sets and have a need list up on the sidebar pages so count me in for trading action.

  I said in the beginning of this post that I had a group break teaser so here it is.

   Five jumbo 100 card repacks all sorted by teams. I did the videos today, it took 3 due to time. Now I won't lie and say it's all great stuff but there is some great overproduction era wax in there (notice how I didn't say junk wax. I read that somewhere but can't remember where to give the proper credit). There really is some cool stuff and there is a chance for a hit in these repacks so you will have to come back tomorrow and see the results.

 Here is the cards from the stuff opened and posted already.
   The teams I ended up with are not included so these are all yours break participants.

On a side note, The Wicked Ortega has come to Blogger. He has moved his My Past Time... I Love It joint over from Word Press to here at Blogger so head on over and get the new link and follow.

That's all I have for now so keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


hiflew said...

I don't know if I started it or not, but I always use overproduction era instead of junk wax. Because junk implies it's not worth keeping and I am keeping my 87 Topps set forever.

BTW, is the Ubaldo diamond available?

The Dimwit said...

Hey Mike... if that Bougesevic shiny and the Keppinger black border happen to find their way into my stack... I do believe you'll be handsomely rewarded with many Yanks and Mets... just sayin'! Haha!

Grit said...

Hi Sir,

I'm new around here but I'd love to find a way to arrange a deal or three with you and other kind traders.

I've started on a list of my trade bait and wants - but at this point (until I search through all of my 30-plus year old cards, I'm focusing on dealing/acquiring 2010 and 2011 Topps, (diamonds/golds) and Kimball Champions.

I'm planning to collect Reds, Tigers for sure - and likely Cubs, Brewers and Diamondbacks. I'll need to post a selection of players I love too, I know.

I've started a list on my fledgling blog but need to work on it, I know.

Thanks much.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I'd be interested in that Cubs shiny card if you'd be willing to trade it for any of the yankees I ended up with.

cubsfan731 said...

I'm glad the golds are more rare this year. It gives them more of a "Yes!" feel than a "Meh" feel.

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