Saturday, February 26, 2011

More 2008 UD Documentary Teams Revealed for the Break.

   Hey all. Not a lot of time today so I have some more of the Documentary teams to show you.


 A nice Morneau insert from when he won the 08 Home Run Derby


  All base with a couple of Pujols for the RedBirds.


     Hamilton checks in with an insert.


   The O's score 13 base cards. While 4 of them double up pictures none are duplicates.

   That makes 23 teams from the Documentary box revealed so there are 7 teams left to show. If you have the Cubs, Dodgers, Nationals, White Sox,  Rockies, Reds, and Rays left in the running for the auto. Naturally I didn't list them in any specific order as to not spoil the surprise.

That's all for today. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


Anonymous said...

Son of a biscuit! I was hoping it was a Pujols auto.

Colbey said...

Finally got a Hamilton card!

Matt Pederson said...

Still in it to win it. The only part of the break where I'm happy NOT to see the Cubs.

Matt Pederson said...

Actually, how can you go through the trouble of writing up a specific card for each team of each game, but not even bother to put a picture from that game on the card? Those duplicate pictures for the Orioles are inexcusable. Boo on you, Upper Deck.

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