Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trip To The Card Shop Part 3 2004 Topps Chrome

    My trip to the card shop yielded me a bargain on a box of 2004 Topps Chrome to go along with my box of 2010 Topps that I posted earlier.  I like the chrome cards alot (except the price) and I scored this box from his sale pile so I said why not.
Here are a few of the base cards.

        I am not going to show or list all the base cards I got but most of them ore going into my freebie box so if anyone has any interest send me an e-mail or comment what team or players you are looking for and I will see what I have.

Lets start at the top so I guess  the box topper would make sense.
      Craig Biggio Fasionably Great Game Worn Uniform Refractor #FGR-CB

I am not sure what I want to do with this one so make me a trade offer before I decide that i want to keep it.

Next the Rookie Auto (1per box) and a red Xfractor.
Matt Creighton #229 Auto
Todd Helton #110 Red X-Fractor

Nice on card auto of Cubs rookie. I love the colored refractors and x-fractors in these sets. In 2004 Topps didn't serial number them but did starting in 05. Hey, look at that, 2 first basemen.

Next we have 2 Black Refractors
Placido Polanco #117 
Milton Bradley #52

My camera really "refracted" the Milton Bradley.

Gold Refractors
Jose Contreras #116
Rich Aurilia #63
Darin Erstad #161 (x2)

Odd that I got 2 duplicate Darin Erstad  gold refractors.

Regular Refractors

Rocco Baldelli
Brad Ausmus
Mike Piazza
Cristian Guzman
Michael Tucker

Pretty good lot of refractors.

All of these (except the Piazza and Contreras) are up for trade. Just drop me a line.
All in all a decent box break. On my way to the cash register I grabbed these from the bargain binder. (can you tell I love a bargain?)

2006 Playoff Prestige Thomas Jones Dual Jersey (Cards and Bears) sn'd 236/250
2005 Absolute Memorabelia Santana Moss Jersey (Jets) sn'd 22/50
2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch  Nick Markakis Jersey #SS-NM

The Markakis is up for trade, the other 2 go in my collection.

Comment or email if interested in anything and follow on the "Buffet Line" and add me to your blogrolls if you please.

Thanks for reading!


Roy said...

I'll make a bid for that fine piece of Biggio.

beardy said...

"Fashionably Great" has to be the worst relic insert set name ever.

What's next? "Puttin on the Hits"? It wouldn't surprise me if that already exists.

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