Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Card Of The Day: 08 A&G Mini Bazooka Back Max Scherzer RC

Hello Again All! I am back to a card of the day post after busy weekend with Topps Million Card Give Away posts and some box break posts also. Today I have 2008 Allen and Ginter Mini.

2008 Allen and Ginter Mini Bazooka Back Max Scherzer RC sn'd 16/25

I am not a collector of Allen and Ginter and am glad when I see how people struggle to complete the sets with all the variations. I'm sure it's fun but I just never got into them so I try to find my teams and players collection cards and leave the rest of the set alone. I have enough other sets and inserts to chase. Once in a while I will grab a stray pack just to see if I get lucky. I did with this card. At first I was taken back by the hand numbering but then realized the back was different also and figured out that this was one of those short prints. That's all I really know. Anyone want to educate me on this card or set, feel free.

This card is up for trade.

Thanks for Reading!

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Swag said...

I'M REALLY INTERESTED! I'm a fan of Scherzer and A&G, so I'd love to have this. I'll shoot you an offer soon.

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