Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Card Of The Day (Babyface Edition)

Hey again all! Today's card of the day is a minor league card from Best. I am not big on minor league cards but I got 2 of these in an ebay lot and it is one of a player I really like so I will add one to the collection. The other one is up for grabs out of my freebie bin.

1996 Best #10  Carlos Beltran

As a Mets fan I have to add this to the collection. Look how young he is, hence the babyface edition post. (The flash from my camera looks like the sun is exploding in the sky above him)

His numbers for 95 weren't up to his usual standards but this is just out of high school and we all know how he turns out.  I do like the design for a minor league card considering it is 1996.

Thanks for checking it out!


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