Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Topps Cereal Boxes break (That means 2 Million Card codes also)

Back again all with 2 Topps Cereal Boxes I picked up at Target.

I will not bother with the base as we all have seen quit a bit of that and get the idea. Starting with the inserts I will go with the sets I am building.

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out #'s 20 & 25

Turkey Red #'s 8 & 33

Toppstown #'s FCTTT17 & TTT22

GC1 & GC6

Million Card GiveAway (I forgot to take picture)
TMC7 & TMC10

These are sets I am not building so I am just pulling Mets, Yankees, and certain players and will trade the rest.
LL21 (x2)

#'s 19 & 24

#'s 6 & 10

#'s 4 & 12

# SO (Not sure why I only got one of these)

GOLD #'s 29 & 153 sn'd /2010

Now for the redemptions!



Two pretty good redemptions. I am still trying to pull off my first trade with these but no success yet.

I hope to have a trade and want list for the 2010 set on my page soon. I have a good bit of base so if anybody needs some just send a list.

Sorry for such a boring post but it's been a busy, busy few days at work and lousy weather to add to the job fustrations.
Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Want a Yankee Tim Foli to go along with your Expo one?

BA Benny said...

Sure, I put a trade offer for it. I offered 2 cards, 85 Larry Milbourne and an 87 Jack Clark.

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