Thursday, February 25, 2010

Million Card GivAway: Anybody want to trade???

I have now redeemed 16 codes and submitted fifteen to twenty trade offers with no success. I am a good person, I always give up my seat on the train to old ladies, I have rescued animals from the shelters, I have taught many children how to play our great pastime of baseball, I buy my wife flowers and candy just because, but the cyber trading gods haven't answered my calls. Why oh Why?? My offers are fair and even in the others favor but still no luck. What have I done to deserve this?? I see all the success stories on othe sites and blogs but all I get from Topps is the "There aren't any offers to view at the moment. Click here to make your own trade offer." message. What gives?? Perhaps my pleas to the public at large will be heard. All right, the few people who are kind enough to read my little blog may hear my pathetic pleas. Somebody.........Anybody please trade with me.

All right, all kidding aside, I just want to make some trades on the Topps site to justify the cast to ship some of these cards and make up for the extra packs I may have bought to get the code cards. Here are the cards I got:

I am looking for some Mets or maybe some Yankees. Someone show some mercy on my pathetic Million Card GiveAway existance and make a trade with me.

Thanks for Reading!


Jeremy said...

I'd like to trade with someone too, but I pulled 2 crappy cards and 1 decent card. Nobody's goign to want to trade for those cards. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some more code cards soon. You pulled some pretty good stuff though.

TheBrooklynMet said...

I'd do that deal that you proposed earlier. Do you have to offer it to me specifically (I am TheBrooklynMet there too) or generally? I have the 1985 Tim Foli yankee card.

Offy said...

The problem is that the website doesn't send out a notification e-mail when someone gets a trade offer. Most people redeemed their codes and won't go to the site again until they have more codes to trade. It's pretty frustrating. I've accepted one trade offer proposed to me, but no one has accepted any of mine yet.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I get the same thing. No offers available. So many people have cards offered yet there are no offers available. I don't get it.

Rod said...

I have been trying to trade my four cards for some bip roberts and no one has responded.

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