Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Card Of The Day: 2005 Topps Opening Day #72 Chipper Jones

Today's Card Of The Day comes from the 05 Opening Day set. I usually like these sets as they are an inexpensive version of the standard set with some sort of color change and the OD logo. The 05 had blue foil on the names as opposed to the gold foil on the standard set. The backs are usually the same.

2005 Topps Opening Day #72 Chipper Jones

Being a NY Mets fan it is painful to feature this Chipper Jones card but as a realistic baseball fan I have to give him his due. He is a great player and always seems to excel a little bit more when he plays the Mets. I have cursed him many times as he stole victories from the Mets on many occasions. However as I said I do respect him as a ball player and the fact that he named his child Shea after Shea Stadium makes him a little less hated by me.
Anyone want to do me a favor and take this card out of my house, drop me a line as it is in my freebie box.

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