Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Card Of The Day (Error Edition)

Hello all! Today I have an error card for today’s Card of the Day installment. Some error cards are small typo goofs and some are major mistakes that have to be corrected. This is the latter.

1979 Topps #369 Bump Wills

Bump Wills came up with the Texas Rangers in 1977 and never played for the Toronto Blue Jays as his 1979 Topps card showed. The story goes that in late 1978 the then president of Topps, Cy Berger got information that Bump Wills was going to be part of a trade with the Blue Jays. The announcement wasn’t made yet but it was going to happen. Cy figured he would get a jump on the 1979 changes and told his production team to put “Blue Jays” on Bumps 1979 card. The only problem with this was that when March rolled around and the 79 set came out the trade never happened. Topps then had to release another card with his correct team, the Texas Rangers. Ironically the Rangers card is the scarcer of the two cards as more of the wrong Blue Jays cards were made.

These are the types of error cards I like to collect as there are the two versions and are more fun to add to my collection. To me the uncorrected errors are just regular parts of the sets and they didn’t feel like fixing them.

Anyone who has any error cards they want to trade let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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Play at the Plate said...

I had forgotten all about that. I know I have a couple of those, I'll have to see which version I have.

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