Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Superbowl Post

 The Superbowl is finally here after 2 weeks of endless chatter that really means nothing when the Saints and Colts take the field. I like many others will use my tiny piece of the web to make my prediction on the big game.

Two great teams, two great quarterbacks, both offensive powerhouses, looks like two evenly matched teams. I won't be surprised with either team winning how ever I gotta make a pick, right?

Colts or Saints?

Saints or Colts??

Manning or Brees???

Colston or Wayne????

Addai or Bush or Thomas?????

Blue & White or Black & Gold??????

I say........................

THE N. O. SAINTS!!!!!!!

I am a Saints fan but I can be objective about the games when I pick winners. I think This is a very close match up but New Orleans has a few more weapons. If you shut down Colston, you get Meecham. After you stop Meecham you get Henderson, or Moore, or Shockey, or Thomas, or Bush, or some unknown that Brees finds open downfield. They have had no less than 19 different player score TD's this season. I give much respect to the Colts and know it is a tough test for the Saints but they shall pass this tough test.
 Oh, and just one more useless statistic to add to the million we have already heard these past 2 weeks. Of all the different stadiums Peyton Manning has played in, his QB rating is the lowest in Sun Life or whatever name of the that stadium may have been called at the time.

(I know I added a Deuce McAllister card in the pic but I always liked him and it is a nice patch card too.


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