Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cards From Joe Collectors Breaks!

I participated in my first group box break recently and certainly enjoyed the experience. Jeff over at I Am Joe Collector puts these together each month and I jumped into his February baseball break. It consisted of 2 boxes of 2009 Topps Unique and 2 boxes of 2009 Topps Heritage High #'s. I have none of the Unique so I was looking forward to getting some. Here is what I got from my team which was the NY Mets.

09 Topps Unique

Base #'s 7 Jose Reyes (x2),   25 David Wright,    46 Johan Santana,   56 Carlos Delgado,   59 Gary Sheffield,      94 Mike Pelfrey (x2),    107 Carlos Beltran,    146 John Maine (x3),  177 Omir Santos RC (x2) Sn's 0934 and 0954/2699.
Looks like the rookie cards 151-200 are serial numbered. At least the two I got were.



Unparalleled Performances #UP13 Carlos Beltran

Red Parallels sn'd to 1199

#'s 107 Carlos Beltran 0170/1199,    151 Fernando Martinez 1146/1199,     177 Omir Santos 0865/1199.

09 Topps Heritage High #'s

#'s 508 Alex Cora,   521 Nick Evans (x2),    570 Fernando Nieve (x2),    586 J.J. Putz,    599 Jeff Francoeur,   600 Jeremy Reed,    626 Tim Redding (x2),     655 Omir Santos RC (x2).

09 Topps Updates & Highlights Included in the Hrritage packs.
#'s UH  8 Lance Broadway,     113 Francisco Rodreguez AS,     188 Jeff Francour,     202 Angel Berroa,     219 Ken Takahashi,      244 Johan Santana AS.
Chrome #CHR151 Fernando Martinez sn'd 1118/1960

There you have it, 38 cards from 4 boxes. I liked the break because I didn't have either of these products before this. I didn't get any "hits" but maybe next time. The paralells were good. I look forward to my next chance to get into another group break.

Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

I like the design on the Topps Unique, I am not sure I have ever seen that brand in person before.

Play at the Plate said...

I see you got some Unique Red parallels as well. I'm looking forward to the next break.

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