Monday, February 15, 2010

Million Card Give Away: I Got A Jeter!!

 Hey again all. I got my 14 Million Card Give Away codes redeemed after about 2 hours of trying. I wouldn't lie in the post title, I did get a Jeter, a 1972 #288 Johnny Jeter  Outfield of the San Diego Padres. Here is what I got.

Gary Bell 1965
Gary Bell / Pitcher / Cleveland Indians
Card ID Number: 424

Ken Holtzman 1967
Ken Holtzman / Pitcher / Chicago Cubs
Card ID Number: 185

 Johnny Jeter 1972
Johnny Jeter / Outfield / San Diego Padres
Card ID Number: 288

 Jeff Burroughs 1981
Jeff Burroughs / Outfield / Atlanta Braves
Card ID Number: 20

 Larry Milbourne 1985
Larry Milbourne / Second Base / Seattle Mariners
Card ID Number: 754

Jack Clark 1987
Jack Clark / First Base / St. Louis Cardinals
Card ID Number: 520

 John Russell 1988
John Russell / Catcher / Philadelphia Phillies
Card ID Number: 188

 Tom Herr 1988
Tom Herr / Second Base / St. Louis Cardinals
Card ID Number: 310

 Calvin Schiraldi 1988
Calvin Schiraldi / Pitcher / Boston Red Sox
Card ID Number: 599

Mike Gardiner 1992
Mike Gardiner / Pitcher / Boston Red Sox
Card ID Number: 694

 Reggie Taylor 1996
Reggie Taylor / Outfield / Philadelphia Phillies
Card ID Number: 240

Deion Sanders 1998
Deion Sanders / Outfield / Cincinnati Reds
Card ID Number: 10

Andy Petette 2007 Yankees
a 2009 from the Twins. I forget who and it is too hard to get back into the site to get his name.
What do you think, good or bad? Let me know.

I was not expecting a whole lot and I got what I expected. The 3 "vintage" aren't too bad but the rest are what we all expected. I don't think that including the 2000-2009 cards really fit the whole "The Cards Your Mother Threw Out" theme but I guess when you have to get rid of 1 million cards all years count. When the site activity slows down a bit and I can navigate it normally I will try the trade feature and see what that is all about.

Thanks for Reading!


Field of Cards said...

Hmmmm...yeah about what I would expect. Fun still.

I still can't register. The first 9 hours of Feb 15th it wasn't up at all. Since then it won't let me get past the birth date screen.

Offy said...

I've played around with the trade feature a little bit and it's very, very clunky. If you are looking for a specific player it is fine, but if you pull a 1962 card and want to try and trade ir for a 1962 card from a specific team, it's going to be tough finding a card.

I had some specific older cards in mind that I want to try and acquire so I threw some trades out there hoping that someone bites.

Play at the Plate said...

I got 4 of 13 vintage so I think that's about right. Some people have done really well and others really bad.

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