Thursday, February 18, 2010

Card Of The Day {Dual GU Edition}

Hey again all. Today's Card of the Day is a dual game used jersey card from 2005 UD Artifacts set.

2005 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts DUAL Game Used Jerseys #DA~BY Hank Blalock & Michael Young sn'd77/99

Talk about 2 players going in different directions. When this card came out in 05 these two were the stars on the Texas Rangers. Even though the team struggled through the first half (also the second half) of the decade, these two still put up good numbers and were on their way to having long productive carreers. Flash forward to 2010 and they are now on the opposite end of the spectrum. At this point today Hank Blalock remains unsigned with little interest from any teams except maybe the Indians. The Orioles, Braves, and Pirates showed some interest but then decided to go another way. Battling injuries since the 06 season ended, he finally stayed healthy in 09 but had low numbers by his early career standards. He could very well end up in the minor leagues. On the other hand Michael Young continues to put together a potential hall of fame career. While still to early to say that he is continuing to put together season after season of high caliber numbers. As an All-Star the last 6 seasons his numbers are starting to hold up with other great players and 3000 hits could happen. As usual this is based on the importance of staying healthy but if he does he could very well make it. At 33 now his hits numbers rival HOF'er Paul Molitor and 3000 hit club Craig Biggio. At this point (age 33) Biggio had 1380 hits in 8 seasons, Molitor had 1561 in 8 seasons and Young has 1662. Only time will tell.

This card is available for trade if any body is interested.

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Play at the Plate said...

BA, I'm definitely interested. I've got a couple of Frank Thomas relics I could send.

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