Saturday, February 27, 2010

Card Of The Day: Manufactured Style

Back again with a Card of the Day post. Today we are going with a manfactured letter patch card from 2009 UD Icons.

2009 UD Icons Letterman James Shields Letter Patch "E" sn'd 25/35

James Shields looks to grab his third strasight opening day start for the Rays when the season kicks off this year. That will be a team record. James has been a solid pitcher for Tampa Bay since coming up in May of 2006 for his MLB debut. He was drafted in 2000 by Tampa Bay and worked his way through the minors til 06. Gotta love a success story for a "home grown" player these days as it doesn't happen near as often as it used to. Last season Shields struggled with his control and had his worst year with an 11-12 record but all signs point to him bouncing back to his 06 through 08 seasons form.

This patch is the "E" to spell JAMES SHIELDS. I am one who does like these manfactured patch cards and this one doesn't disappoint. I realy like the design of these as well and I picked up a Jose Reyes one with this one so I would be happy to trade this one for something in a nice NY Mets card. Drop me a line.

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Anonymous said...

Just got my first Lettermen card the other day, also an "E" (Joe Nathan)

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