Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Of One Card Trade and a Blue Plate Special NBA Style!

  Hello all. A couple of quickies for you today. While I was checking out the SCF boards during my quest for the last card I needed for the 1995 Bazooka set (post here) I ran across a post offering some various GU's and one of the cards on the list caught my eye, well at least the description since they have no pictures on that particular board. 09 Gridiron Gear S. Green Performers #7 Jersey/FB 33/50 (Jets) Sounded good to me, let me make an offer, so I did and the poster who's name is Paul agreed on a trade for the card I offered, a 2005 Topps All-Star events jersey of John Smoltz. A few days later the postman delivered a nice little envelope and this gem popped out.

  That's right, not just a jersey but a patch with jersey along side the ball piece. Now it is one of those rookie event jersey's but still a sweet card none the less. I guess in this case no pictures helped me out since I think if people saw how nice this card is he would of had more offers on it.
    All in all, a great score!

   Next is a Blue Plate Special for all you hoopster collectors out there. One interesting Mets (or something else I collect) can get you these three great NBA cards from 09-10 Playoff Contenders.

   That's right people, just one card can score you all three of these NBA treats. The Iguodala is sn'd 090/100.

   Be dialing  e-mailing people before they're scooped up. One interesting card will get it done.

A quick reminder, you have until midnight tonight to jump in Too Many Granderson's 2008 Razor Letterman group break going off live tomorrow at 3 o'clock.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for my announcement on a group "project" here on The Buffet.

   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


Dennis said...

That Greene is pretty slick. The fewer one-color relic cards there are in the world, the better.

Can't wait to see what you came up with for your group break too.

Anonymous said...

Nice Shonn Greene card! Don't you just love it when cool stuff like that happens?

Yankeejetsfan said...

Great Greene card. Hopefully he will get even better next season and become the running back the Jets think he can be.

Unknown said...

Hey, I don't have need for the basketball you have there. But I do watch the Mariners. I could use some base of Franklin Gutierrez if you have any. Let me know if you still want the Frazier.

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