Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgia Mindset Contest = Free 2010 Topps Chrome

     Georgia Mindset is holding a contest and the prize is a box of 2010 Topps Chrome. Go on over and enter.

He is also holding a group break with a case of 2010 Bowman Chrome so jump on in that while you are over there.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vend-O-Pack Goodies Yankees Style and a Group Break link

   Hello again Buffet readers. Today I serve up some goodies I scored out of the Vend-O-Pack machine in the flavor of  New York Yankees. A couple of weeks ago I was working near one of the stores where one of the two Vend-O-Pack machines are so I ventured over on my lunch hour and grabbed some packs for the Pack Rip Cafe. I also scored 4 singles he had in one of the rows.

Two Derek Jeters from 2000 Bowmans Best

A Mantle from the 97 Mantle Collection set and a very cool oddball of Nolan Ryan.

 There was also a row that had team bags with about 20 Yankees cards in each so I grabbed 5 of these as I figured I couldn't lose being that I am a Yankee collector after my first love, the Mets. Here are some of the highlights.

A couple of Donnie Baseball and a Paul O'Neill

Some old-timers. Mel, Billy, and Joe.

Buckey Dent and Ron Guidry from my favorite late seventies teams and a sweet Whitey Ford from SP.

An 87 Donruss Rickey Henderson and two nice Nettles cards.

One of my favorite modern era Yankees, Bernie Williams.

All in all some great Yankees cards at a real fair price, I think it worked out to about 5 cents apiece. There were only acouple of duplicates with the exception of the 87 Donruss Rickey Henderson which came in every bag so if anybody needs one, I have several. I guess he has a boatload of them to get rid of.
I also got a pack of the 04 Upper DeckYankees Legends that I feature today on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe to continue the Yankees flavor of the day.

On a different note, Anthony over at Georgia Mindset is doing a break of a case of 2010 Bowman Chrome. There are still great teams available (sorry Mets are taken) so head on over. I was in his last Topps Chrome/Triple Threads break and he runs a nice show over there.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Chrome Goodies NY Mets Style.

     Hello all. Today I bring you my NY Mets haul from a 2010 Topps Chrome group break I over at Joe Collector's place. I scored 9 of the 11 Mets on the checklist.

I only missed the Pelfrey and Murphy.

 I also hit for an auto and a refractor.
Gotta love the on card autos.
For those who may have seen Georgia Mindsets Chrome break, I also got anothe Mejia auto over there too. Post on that break to come soon.

Check out an NFL pack over on the Pack Rip Cafe.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some New Additions To My Offbeat Collections and Some Ideas For Others.

   Hello all. Today I have some new additions to some for my offbeat collections to share with you. Since I started surfing around Blogoland reading some of the great blogs out there I noticed how a lot of people had some pretty cool quirky collecting goals so I figured I could too. I have added or enlarged existing collections of team cards, error cards and their corrected counterparts, promo/sample cards, stadiums, managers, cards about New York, team logo cards/stickers, and cards with American flags somewhere on them.

First up are three for the team logo collection.

 Next up is a foursome going into the New York collection. You may recall the mini from my last trade post.

 These four will be added to the cards with American flag collection.

  Since I have read so many of the great blogs out there I have begun looking at cards in a different light, especially ones not in my collecting radar, so "different" cards get a new found appreciation.

I bet someone out there may like these.

 I don't recall who collects cards with batters bunting but if you remind me, these are yours.

 Now I have some ideas for other "different" collections so if you want to expand your goals, maybe some of these may look good to you. Feel free to ask for any of these.

Cards of players playing on a construction site.

How about choking up on the bat cards?

Cards with really big bases.

Cards that include cameras on them.

I don't recall to many golf carts featured on cards. This one will go into my Griffey collection though.

This one could begin your collection of players who just smelled a bad fart.

How about players with babies?

 These two could be in the fun with rosin bags binder.

There you have it, some ideas for new offbeat collections. Let everybody know what you think or share your offbeat collections.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trade With The Dimwit and A Hot Tejada Sighting.

     Hey again Buffet readers. Today I have a trade post to finally get to on a trade I put together with Sam of The Daily Dimwit fame. I guess timing is everything as he too is behind on trade posts like I am and he just recently posted about the same trade. As usual a comment I made to a post Sam made on some stuff he opened up led to an e-mail exchange and another great trade with him was born. I had some Astros that needed a good home and he had some wayward New Yorkers that needed to come back east. Here are just a few of the goodies that jumped out of an excellent bubble mailer.



These minis are great. He even hit my cards featuring New York with the Queensboro Bridge 206 mini.

  The Buhner auto is fun, the Posada jersey looks much better then the picture shows, and the Fernando Martinez is my first Piedmont and looks great. The Perez is a 2009 A&G rip card sn'd 02/99 (ripped). I never saw one of these in person before and it looks really cool. I think Sam told me what was inside but I can't remember.  

 There it is, just a taste of the goods from a great trade. Check out his blog and see if you can help him with some Astros stuff.

 On another front, I  got an envelope last week from Tim, aka SpastikMooss, over at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. I wasn't expecting anything from him as we didn't currently have any trades set up but once in a while you get those surprize packages from out there in Blogoland and it's all good. Well he got me with the HOT TEJADA!

Damn, I thought the mailer felt warm before I opened it! If you don't know about this little ambush here is the post about how Tim got it and Beardy's original post. Now the original plan was for the person who has this card at the end of the season to be the loser but due to a period of time that the Hot Tejada went MIA I propose (with Beardy's blessing of coarse) that we extend the travels through spring training next year. What better way to warm up a mailbox on a cold winter day then a Hot Tejada. So be on the lookout as I will be sending this little gem back out into Blogoland to it's next victim.

   Check out some T-96 cards over on The Pack Rip Cafe.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Card of the Day ~ Extra Large Edition! and a Contest Plug

   Hey all. I haven't done a Card of the Day in a while so today I bring it back in a big way. Today I have a 1964 Topps Giant #8 Roy McMillan of the Mets card to show off.

 The Shamsky is standard size for comparison.
 The back.

This was a 60 card set and the first postcard sized Topps release. I especially like the newspaper style write up on the back.

                      I found this write up on Roy McMillan at
When The Sporting News began awarding Gold Gloves for fielding excellence in 1957, Roy McMillan received the first three for shortstops. A gutsy professional, universally respected by his peers, McMillan teamed with second baseman Johnny Temple to hold together the infield of the hard-hitting Reds for most of the 1950s. On a team that routinely hit for power in tiny Crosley Field, McMillan 's weak bat was an affordable luxury. A strong arm, exceptional range and durability, and an astute sense of the game belied his bespectacled, mild-mannered appearance.

In 1954 McMillan set a since-surpassed NL record with 129 double plays. His career was spent away from the national spotlight, as he never played for a Cincinnati pennant winner. Ironically, McMillan's trade to Milwaukee for Joey Jay - who was to lead the NL in wins - brought the 1961 Reds the pitching needed to win their first league title in 21 years. McMillan's two All-Star Game starts were somewhat tainted by Cincinnati's ballot-stuffing campaign.

After three years with the Braves, McMillan concluded his playing career with the 1964-66 Mets. His presence brought New York's previously chaotic infield immediate respectability; he eventually groomed Bud Harrelson to take his place. He started a triple play against the Giants in the May 31, 1964 23-inning marathon that lasted a NL-record seven hours and 23 minutes.

Also significant was McMillan's durability. His 584 consecutive games at shortstop from 1951 to 1955 set a NL record. He played 150 or more games in eight different seasons - six in a row - including 157 games for the Mets at age 35. He went on to manage in the minors, coach for Milwaukee and the Mets, and scout. McMillan replaced Yogi Berra as Mets manager for 53 games in 1975

A great looking card of a fantastic defensive player from back in the day.

On a different note, take a trip over to The Daily Dimwit to get in on his contest for some autographed cards. He has a great blog so take a look around and maybe offer up some Astros to him.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Collector's Sets Volume 1! *1986 Topps Baseball Champion Superstars*

     Hello all. Today I begin a new series on "Collector Sets" I have obtained over the years and recently. I have several of these so every so often I will feature one here on The Buffet.
     This first installment is a Topps 1986 Baseball Champion Superstars. This set was made in Ireland and featured the stars of the day, or at least who they thought were stars. Look at the checklist on the box back (click picture to enlarge) and see if you agree. I find it interesting that most of these types of sets have a strange number of cards like this one at 33 cards. I like they back in 86 they cost $1.99 and I scored these for $2 each last month.

I have picked 8 of my favorites to show off. All are legitimate superstars in my book.

George Brett, Keith Hernandez, Reggie Jackson, Tony Gwynn.

Dave Winfield, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Murray, Don Mattingly

The backs are fairly simple but I like that they show full career stats as well as achievements on the field.

Peruse the checklist and let everybody know who you would take out and who you would replace them with. I would remove Carney Lansford and add Robin Yount.

Let me know if you would like to see the whole set in future editions or just some of my favorites. I picked up 2 of these, one for the "sets" binder and one to grab singles for the players collection so the following numbers from the checklist are available if anybody is interested. 1, 5, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 31, 32.

In other spots out there in Blogoland, Colby, aka FlyWheels, is hosting a very affordable group break over on Cardboard Collections. Head on over join the fun.  The Hot Tejada Has Arrived at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and WAY OFF BASE has a cool Armchair Quarterback contest going. Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for a trip back to 1998 today.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Trade with Too Many Grandersons and a Couple Of Plugs.

     Hello again all. Today I have a post on a trade I did with Dennis of Too Many Grandersons  a little while back. I guess he had too many Mets and Yankees because he sent over a nice box of NY goodies that made my day. The box actually came on a day that I had an exceptionally hard day at work during the run of replacing poles at a feverish pace. 
     The trade conversation began with a comment I made on a 2005 Topps Chrome break he had done and the Mets and Yankees would fit right in my needs and he collects Tigers and Lions as well as Michigan alum so we were off and running. Here are a few of them.

He then mentioned that he had some 05 refractors too and in the box they went. Here are just a few.
Next he adds in some other refractors for good measures. Good thing I found some more Lions for him. Man, I really love the shinys!

Next thing I know he says he has a bunch of other Mets and Yankees from several different years so I started digging for more Tigers.

Next thing Dennis adds in are some serial numbered goodies along with a Piazza/I-Rod dual bat card. Again here are just a few of the gems.

I think these two came from his Christmas box and the Piazza still has a string to hang it on the tree.

Also included was a bunch of A-Rods (non Yankees) for the player collection and he even hit my new collection of cards with American flags on them and threw in 7 of those. I forgot to take a picture, sorry.
     When all was said and done he filled a 660 count box with all kinds of Buffet favorites. This is just a small fraction of the awesomeness that was in the long box. As you can see, Dennis is a way generous trader and he writes a great blog too so check him out.

On other fronts, Sam of The Daily Dimwit  is holding a contest over in his spot in Blogoland while Colby, aka FlyWheels, is hosting a very affordable group break over on Cardboard Collections. Head on over to both and join the fun. Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for my latest pack rip.

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