Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Correction and An Apology

 Hey all. I post today to correct the post I made yesterday about a trade I recently made. I made a great trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress but I added some cards from another great trade I made with Steven over at Everybody Loves Autos so I must apologise to him for the mistake. My card room is a mess right now and the desk I use is way too cluttered so I ended up mixing some of the cards he sent with the cards from my trade with Adam. He sent me a bunch of inserts I needed for my 2010 Topps and 2010 Topps Opening Day sets. He also helped me finish off the Ticket To Stardom base set with the last card I needed, #101 Curtis Granderson. He also included the TTM's I mistakenly posted in the trade from Cardboard Mistress.

Again notice how Kevin Elster signed without removing the card from the penny sleeve by mistake. The Tanana looks sweet and Bonilla just went with a large "BO" on his.

Two of these were also mistakenly mixed up as well. Steven hooked me up with the great looking Brad Smith auto card and the CC Sabathia insert serial numbered /99.

Thanks to Steven for a great trade and I am really sorry for the mix up. I am stoked with the cards that you sent me and hope to trade again in the future.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trade With Cardboard Mistress

   Hey all. Today I will show off a sweet trade package from Adam aka Spankee of My Cardboard Mistress. It all started innocently as he had some of the 2008 UD Heroes  I needed and I had some 2009 A piece of History's he needed. See what I still need and who's helped out here. Next thing you know I had a refractor he liked and he had a jersey card I liked and I did a little digging for players on his want lists and he did the same and we had a full out trade thrown together and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. On to the loot.

First some shiny refractive treats.

Three serial numbered goodies and a great auto.

Some former Mets TTM's he had. Notice how Kevin Elster signed the penny sleeve by mistake.

Some fabrics I will welcome with open arms into the collection.

A Seaver mini (red back) and a surprise bonus lot. I wonder what's inside.

Nice! The Santana is a copper /399. The "collect" is a fun decal he made too.

There you go with a journey of pictures through a sweet trade. He writes a good blog too so check him out.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces served up on The Pack Rip Cafe today.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Collecting Catagory Added At The Buffet

     Hello all. I am back after a busy weekend to put out a call for help in adding a new type of collecting category to my collection. I have decided to go for cards with American flags on them. The flag can be in the picture, printed on the card, on a players uniform, just somewhere on the card front.  Here are a few that I have started the collection with.

The Buhner with the flag background and Sosa with a flag in his cap.

The Lugo is a perfect shot of him in front of the flag on the outfield wall. The Olerud is hard to see but the gold foil is two flags under his picture. It's ironic that he is on a Canadian team but the flags are American.

Here are a couple on Adenhart and Lambert's uniforms.

These two are not part of the pictures but are on the card as a country team symbol.

   There it is, my new idea on a collection so help me out and lets trade. I want to see what interesting cards I can find. While baseball is my main focus with football as a side dish, for this little project I will go with any sports.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football !?!

    Hello all. Tonight is opening Night of the 2010 NFL football season and I am way excited. With the Mets basically finished I have been looking forward to football for a while now. I have drafted 5 fantasy football teams (Two for fun, two for card related prizes, and one for a serious cash prize) and I am chomping at the bit for some real football action. (Preseason sucks!) As you may , or may not know, I have two favorite teams. The Jets are my lifelong team and the Saints have been a favorite for about 25 years. The strange part is that for the most part both teams have stunk for as long as I can remember (I was less then one year old when the Jets won their only Superbowl) and now the Saints are defending champions while the Jets have a realistic chance to get there this season. I was a little worried that they would meet last year in the big game and I wouldn't know who to root for and I guess there is a chance for that this year. also root for the Giants being a good New Yorker and all. I also married into a die hard Giants family so I really have no choice any more. (unless they are playing the Jets or Saints that is) That also sums up my football collecting focus. I collect anything Saints, Jets, and Giants while I will also some other players game used, autos, and serial numbered cards. Here are some cards from my collection to water your appetite for some football.

  Most of the pictures came a little blurry and I don't know why but I am too tired to retake them, sorry about that.

NO Saints: Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, Marques Colston, Aaron Brooks

NY Jets: Mark Sanchez, Chad Pennington, Joe Klecko, Curtis Martin
NY Giants: Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, Phil Simms, Steve Smith

Stars From The Past: Sonny Jurgenson, Len Dawson, Allen Page, Tom Jackson

Current Stars: Carson Palmer, Frank Gore, Reggie Wayne, Adrien Peterson
Stars From The More Recent Past: Jim Plunkett, Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly, Junior Seau

I also have done my first football pack over on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe.

 I leave you with one question.
 Are you ready for some football!!!!

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Contest Over At Drew's Cards

Check out an Obak based contest over at Drew's Cards for a chance to win said Obak cards. He also has a great blog so your time will be well spent.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cards I Like Just Because.

    Hello again all. Today on BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet I am going to show off some cards in my collection that I like just because I like them. They are not any from teams or players I collect. They are not from a specific set I want to complete or any brand or year that mean anything personal to me. Straight up, I just like the way they look. I have a binder that has my error cards with their corrected and behind those id the "Cool Card" section. As usual, the pictures don't do them justice but you get the idea.

1999 HoloGrFX Launchers Albert Belle
1998 Topps Power Brokers Refractor Greg Vaughn die cut
The Belle has a circular pattern as you can see that creates some interesting motions in the light when the card is moved. The Vaughn is a refractor die cut that has some deep colors along with a fun die cut pattern. Refractors are always cool in my book and this one is just a little cooler.

2005 Topps Gallery Carlos Delgado Artists Proof
2004 Fleer Ultra Richie Weeks
The Delgado Gallery looks awesome while the colors of the foil on the Weeks just pop.

2004 UD Power Up Shining Through Jeff Bagwell
1995 Topps Embossed Gold Jose Valentin
The reflective (not refractive) quality along with the colors on the Bagwell creates a nice look. The Valentin is the gold parallel to the Embossed set and the player portion is raised.

2006 Bowman Sterling Refractor Leonard Pope auto sn'd 723/900
2007 Topps Opening Day Jordan Tata auto
The Sterling just looks awesome and is the thickest non relic/patch card I have ever seen (see below) while the red, white, and blue design on the Tata auto looks great. It is also the only auto from any edition of Opening day that I have.

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Status Bud Norris die cut sn'd 55/75
2005 Sweet Spot Majestic Materials Shingo Takatsu patch sn'd 03/35
The red foil on the Norris is an eye catcher. The Takatsu just knocks my socks off. The three color patch, copper foil and card colors in general make it a swweeeeettt looking card to me.

1997 Bowman Jay Buhner.
This picture stinks but you get the gist of the card. The flag background makes it great. In fact after seeing this card again I have decided to start a new collecting goal, cards with American flags somewhere on the card so anybody who wants to help me out, feel free.

There it is, some cards I like just because. Let me know what you think and look for more of these in the future.

Today, over on The Cafe are some 2009 Bowman so go on and check it out and don't forget to become a follower.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Looks Of Dillon Gee

     Hello again Buffet readers. I was planning this post for before the Mets game tonight but I got delayed and then had a two hour plus torturous fantasy football draft. My idea was to feature some cards of  Dillon Gee before his first major league start tonight. Well now it's become after his first major league win. He got the start due to Johan Santana's sore pectoral muscle.

 2010 Bowman

2010 Bowman Chrome

2010 Bowman Purple Chrome Refractor sn'd 684/999

Regular and Purple Refractor backs.

   He went seven innings giving up one run, two hits, struck out four, and walked three. He even had an RBI Single to help his cause on the way to a 4-1 Mets win. A little bright spot on another lousy season.

   I now am looking for any other versions of these cards to try and complete the rainbow. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

   Check out the latest pack I have to offer over on The Pack Rip Cafe. Another note that I mailed out 9 packages today so if you are waiting for a package from me, fear not as it's on the way. For those waiting longer then the others, I apologize for the delay as life has been getting in the way of my pursuit of this great hobby of ours.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Sharpe Contest If You Think You Can Solve It

Check out a cool contest over on Sharpe Since 92. If you can crack the code, you win, or you can wait around like me and hope to get lucky. Either way the prize is sweet.

There's A New Kid On The Block And He's Ready For Some Football

Hey everybody. There's a cool blog out in Blogoland that deserves a look see, especially if you like football. Check out Too Many Grandersons and see whats he's got cooking.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Trade and a couple of NPN's I Don't Want.

Hello again all. Today I have a trade and couple of NPN's to offer. First a trade with Ben of Baseball Cards Rule. He was looking for the Colby Rasmus hat patch I scored from a 2010 jumbo pack. He sent me some options for trade bait and I decided to go with these two beauts.

2007 Topps Co-Signers Gold Kei Igawa w/Dice K sn'd 147/225
2009 Topps Finest Bobby Parnell letter patch auto sn'd138/170

Two great cards for the collection. Thanks Ben!

I also received these two NPN's today from 2010 Topps Pro Debut and 2010 Bowman.
I am not building either of these sets and do not need these cards so if anybody is interested, shoot me an e-mail.

Today The Pack Rip Cafe features a 2008 Upper Deck X pack for your viewing pleasure.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fuji Delivers On His Contest!

BA Benny's a winner thanks to Fuji over at The Chronicles of Fugi blog. Well he made everybody a winner but it's still fun to win. He held a great contest over a few weeks where all you had to do was answer a question of the day to gain entries. They were fun questions on a variety of subjects. After all was said and done, I won a prize package that consisted of a lot of 20 Garbage Pail Kids cards.

These 7 are from the 2003 set.

All but one of these are from the 1986 set (the year I graduated high school) and the one is from 1985.

I really appreciate the prize and the generosity of Fuji but all these are up for trade as I don't collect them. Fuji also threw in some extra cards too and they are a bit more up my alley.

Five sweet Yankees cards and I didn't have any of them so that's extra sweet.

Now this is a great surprise as I have not had the pleasure of trading with San Jose Fuji (I gotta change that) as of yet and it would seem he adds these in with trades. I think it's an auto too but its hard to tell since it's on card so I cant see if it is or if it's printed on. Let me know Fuji as I am curious.

Thanks for a cool contest!

Speaking of contests, I am planning my next one. It was supposed to be for 10,000 hits but I am over 11,000 now so I guess it will be for an oddball number of hits. Stay tuned for that and check out The Cafe for a pack of 1995 Pinacle Zenith.

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