Monday, January 31, 2011

A Trade, A Surprise, and A Couple of Group Break Plugs!

    Hello all. A couple of things to hit on today. First up is a trade post with a package I received from Mr. 82 Redbirds over at Way Off Base. Randy had done a post about his first NPN success and it was from 2010 Topps flagship release. He scored a Legenday Lineage of Yogi Berra and Jorge Posada.

   Since my being a Yankee collector, after the Mets of course, I was interested in this card. I didn't chase the LL insert set this year but I did go after the players and teams I collect so I actually needed 2 of these cards, one for the Yogi collection and one for the Posada collection. When I get a card featuring more then one player I add it to the collection of the player I like better and/or the player who is better. This one goes into the Yogi binder hands down. As usual, Randy was happy to work out a trade for some of his beloved Cardinals cards and I found a couple others on his trade page that tickled my collecting yens.

    My first Ruth mini, a sweet Carew /99 and a Jr. along with an Iron man to round out a great quartet of cards. Thanks a bunch Randy, your cards are in transit as we speak.

   Another envelope arrived in the mailbox last week but I had no idea why. When I opened it this little gem popped out.
   As I have made clear lately, cards with American flags on them have quickly become a favorite side collection of mine and this Randy Winn totaly fit the bill for it. As I recocnized the card from a post I read a couple of weeks ago over at Emerald City Diamond Gems, one Mariner 1 read my comment on the card and proceeded to mail it out to me without a peep so the surprise was complete. Thanks for a great surprise.

   Next up, a couple of group break plugs. First up is another one of Colbey's great box busting adventures over at Cardboard Collections. He's got 3 boxes going this month. 1992 O-Pee-Chee,  2005 Topps Total,  and 2007 Upper Deck Elements Hobby. Once again he offers a great break at very affordable prices. I missed out on my 2 favorite teams but I am in with the Reds looking for some Griffey Jr. cards for the player collection. Head on over and grab a team to get in the fun.

    The other group break I would like to promote is my very own first ever endeavor into hosting one of these things. First up I have to say Thank You to all those who already signed up and have been great in supporting this break. Quite frankly I am a little blown away by so many of the great bloggers out there jumping in so quickly and am truly elated by your response. Now for all you others looking to get in, go HERE for all the details and comment there to get in on all the action. There are still great teams available.

   On an unrelated note, several published reports have the NY Mets hosting the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field here in Flushing Queens NY. MLB or the team won't confirm the reports but all signs point to it being true. An official announcement is expected in a few of months.

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


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