Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some New Additions in Red White, and Blue While Milestones Approach

   Hello all. Today I have a few new additions to the American flag cards collection to show off. The Bowman Chrome in the middle is my favorite of bunch and looks great in person. I wish the chromes would photograph better.

    These three come from the 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm set. Wow, 20 years old now.
  These cards complete page four and start page number five in the binder. Not bad for a collection I began only a few months ago.

   In other happenings around here at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet, some milestones are coming up. February 3rd is the one year anniversary  and 20,000 hits are approaching also. I don't know what will hit first (probably the anniversary) but it would be way cool if it was the same day. I will have to figure out some kind of fun to celebrate the occasions. 7 more followers will get me to the century mark as well.  I also am in the planning stages of hosting the first group break here and think it should be fun. It will be a lower priced adventure with 2 or 3 different boxes and a bunch of loose packs I have been stocking up for several months. I think the variety will make for a very interesting break.

   That's all I have for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


longlivethewho said...

Didn't realize how many blogs popped up over the past year. Congrats. And do you include USA players in your Red, White, and Blue collection?

Dawgbones said...

I never thought I'd be doing so much with my blog either. Wow, I wonder how long it will be til I get those kinds of hits, betcha it'll be more than a year.

Count me in for the Phillies when you get your break together.

Congrats on the 1-year deal, and the massive hit-count, keep up the good blogging.

Derek Hill said...

Oh yeah and count me in for the bravos!

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