Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quick Trade Post. A Little of This, A Little of That.

  Hello all. Tonight I have a fantasy football draft in Captain Canuck's league so I will hit you with a quick trade post.
   This trade is with Jeremy of  No One's Going To Read This Blog. Well I read it and even commented on it and next thing I know, we had an e-mail conversation and like magic we had a trade worked out. He like myself does some football as well as baseball so we did a little of each in the trade.

First up some set fillers I needed for 2010 Topps and 2010 Topps Opening Day.

Then a couple of Vlads and some Yankees. Looks like a few got wet as they seem to have shrunk.

Next up is some Mets. More shrinkage, too bad the Ollie P. didn't disappear. Love the Mr. Met!

He didn't have any Jets for me but he made up for it with Giants and Saints.

The Swilling is one of my favorites as I don't have to many of his cards and his defense was one of the greatest group of linebackers ever assembled.

There you have it, a sweet package from Jeremy. Thanks a bunch! Don't forget to check out his contest.
Also check out the The Pack Rip Cafe for some 86 Fleer Baseball Star Stickers.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A New Set I Want To Go After! 1983 Hall Of Fame Heroes!

    Hello again all. Today I picked up a couple of packs of 1983 Donruss Hall Of Fame Heroes from one of the two Vend-O-Pack machines I hit when I am in the neighborhood. It was the last two and I am bummed that there were no more. You can see one over on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe and the other at A Pack To Be Named Later. I love these cards and now want to chase the 44 card set.

Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle

Micky Mantle puzzle card and Carl Hubbell
This set features oil paintings of great Hall of Famers by the famous Dick Perez. A puzzle of Mickey Mantle is also included.

Three Mantle puzzle pieces

1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes Checklist
1 Ty Cobb
2 Walter Johnson
3 Christy Mathewson
4 John Gibson
5 Honus Wagner
6 Jackie Robinson
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Luke Appling
9 Ted Williams
10 Johnny Mize
11 Satchel Paige
12 Lou Boudreau
13 Jimmie Foxx
14 Duke Snider
15 Monte Irvin
16 Hank Greenberg
17 Roberto Clemente
18 Al Kaline
19 Frank Robinson
20 Joe Cronin
21 Burleigh Grimes
22 Paul Waner / Lloyd Waner
23 Grover Alexander
24 Yogi Berra
25 Cool Papa Bell
26 Bill Dickey
27 Cy Young
28 Charlie Gehringer
29 Dizzy Dean
30 Bob Lemon
31 Red Ruffing
32 Stan Musial
33 Carl Hubbell
34 Hank Aaron
35 John McGraw
36 Bob Feller
37 Casey Stengel
38 Ralph Kiner
39 Roy Campanella
40 Mel Ott
41 Robin Roberts
42 Early Wynn
43 Mickey Mantle Puzzle Card
44 Checklist

List courtesy of Baseball Allmanc web site.
 I have created a page on my sidebar to show what I still need for the set. Any help is greatly appreciated as always.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Contest and I Need One More Card Trader for the Gridiron.

Hey all, just a quick hit to mention a couple of things. First off, there is a contest over at No One Is Going To Read This Blog. I guess you will have to read it to enter. Jeremy is an artist and he is giving away 5 sketch cards he is drawing. If you are one of his winners you pick the player and he draws it. Sounds like a real cool prize to me so prove him wrong and go read his blog.

I also want to mention that I need one more player for the inaugural fantasy football season of my league "Card Traders of the Gridiron. Each player donates some cards and the winner takes all. Shoot me an e-mail and I will send you an invite.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Error Card Fun

     Hey all. Today I present some error cards for your entertainment.. To me error cards are like the bloopers of baseball cards.

This one looks good in the mirror.

Here is a baby faced John Smoltz Tom Glavine on Smoltz's card. I guess an easy mistake over at Donruss, 2 pitchers on the same team and all.

Let's Play a game. Which one is the real Al Leiter? (answer at the bottom)

All the info is correct on this one but the sheet cutter over at Fleer was a bit out of whack when this one came through.

There you go, just a little fun for today's post.

The Pack Rip Cafe features a 2006 Fleer pack today. No errors in that one, check it out.

   Answer: The card on the right is Al Leiter. The other one is minor leaguer Steve George who never made it past AAA Columbus. I got his name from the 88 Topps blog. Thanks.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Double Header Trade Post! Stacks and Set Fillers.

      Welcome back to the Baseball Card Buffet. Today I have a couple of trades to show off in an effort to catch up on them.
       First up is a great package couple of boxes loaded with stacks of fun from Mark over at Stats On The Back. He offered up stacks of cards in varying counts of specific players so I requested some of the players I collect and these boxes showed up in my mailbox.

You can see the size of them compared to the Gwynn card. There were so many great cards in the boxes I decided to show a "six-pack" of cards from the players I claimed.  Here we go....................

Tony Gwynn
There were so many great Gwynn cards which made it tough to pick only six to show off.

Bo Jackson
Bo knows cards and these six were in a nice bunch in the two sport all star's stack. It's funny to see the 90 Donruss in blue, not red.

Randy Johnson
These six are just an example of the sweet cards in the flamethrower's pile.

Paul O'Neill
Paul O'Neill was a big fan favorite with the Reds and Yankees because of his fire and desire to help his team win ball games. These six represent his Yankees days.

Rich "Goose" Gossage
As a kid back in the late 70's I remember him coming in for the Yankees and shutting down everyone he faced. These six show him with a few of the nine teams he played for. Can you name all nine?

Don Mattingly
Donny Baseball sums it all up with these six. He was great until the body broke down. Love the mini!

There you have it, just a small sample of the awesomeness in this trade package. Thanks Mark, you really helped me boost up some of my player collections.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Do They Have To Do That? Vol.1

    Hello again fans of BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. Today I begin a feature here on the Buffet called "Why Do They Have To Do That". Basically it will focus on stuff that annoys me in this great hobby that we all love. Volume 1 today addresses the mismatch of a players picture and team name on a card. I have several examples, mostly game used since they were easier for me to find.

Austin Kearns
Reds picture, Nationals name, and what I will guess is a Reds jersey piece. I don't recall the Nats having a pinstripe jersey.

Alfonso Soriano
Rangers picture, Nationals name, and a road jersey piece from what could be either team. This couldn't be a worse picture as the Ranger's "T" on both the helmet and jersey are so pronounced right at the same level as the name "Nationals"

Matt Holliday
Josh Willingham
The Holliday shows him in a Rockies uniform but lists him as a member of the A's while the Willingham has him in a Marlins uniform and listed as a National. I find these extra annoying as they are supposed to be artist renditions, aren't they? You couldn't paint the right uniform? Go figure.

Garret Anderson
Angels uniform, Braves name, and a white swatch which can be either team. Another Goudey mismatched. Why?!?

CC Sabathia
Here we have a CC Sabathia with a Indians uniform next to a Yankee logo. Looks like a posed picture so why couldn't the use a Yankee hat or airbrush the picture. I hate how these look in the team collection since they just don't match.

Andy Pettite
Another SPx with an Astros uniform on a Yankees card. This one is just plain lazy. They couldn't find an old Yankee picture? They probably have hundreds if not thousands in their library over at UD.

Mike Piazza

Here we have a Mets picture on a Padres card. I guess they tried a little picking a picture with catchers equipment but it still pretty obvious that it's a Mets uniform.

Johan Santana
One more from the Mets game used book. Johan in his Twins uniform and a Mets logo right next to him.

     To me, it would seem that there would be a way that isn't too difficult to avoid this situation. In the 70's they airbrushed on a regular basis and they still do, look at Hideki Matsui's 2010 Heritage card. With today's technology this just should not happen. As I have written this post I noticed that all these cards came from Upper Deck products. I didn't try to do that and I don't know if Topps has more or less instances of this. I have to check that out for a future post.

The non Mets and Yankees are available for trade if anybody is interested.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantasy Football players wanted

Just a reminder that I have started a Fantasy Football league for fellow card traders out there.  Some have joined and there is room for more. Here again is the post with the details. Back later with a card related post.

    Hey all. I would like to have a Fantasy Football league with you great bloggers out there. I have set up a league on ESPNdotcom so if you are interested you can set up a free fantasy account over there, it takes only a minute. Anybody interested send me an email address and I will shoot you an invite. I figure we can make the prize/entry fee card related so the winner gets something and we all stay interested for the whole season. You choose what you want to "donate" for the prize. I am thinking the draft can be around the Friday before opening day but once we fill it up we can see what works best for all teams.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantasy Football

    Hey all. I would like to have a Fantasy Football league with you great bloggers out there. I have set up a league on ESPNdotcom so if you are interested you can set up a free fantasy account over there, it takes only a minute. Anybody interested send me an email address and I will shoot you an invite. I figure we can make the prize/entry fee card related so the winner gets something and we all stay interested for the whole season. You choose what you want to "donate"for the prize. I am thinking the draft can be around the Friday before opening day but once we fill it up we can see what works best for all teams.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trade Post Triple Play

Hello all. Today I have a trade post with 3 times the fun. I know I am behind on these so I want to give you three today from more recent trades so I can try to stay up to date while I still do have some from older trade to still get too.

First up I have a short and sweet deal with Drew from Drewscards. He has a Deuce McAllister jersey card I wanted and I had a duplicate Kellen Clemens to swap for it. I mentioned a Swisher jersey card I had and he proceeded to swap a Daniel Murphy 2010 auto for it. I tossed in an extra swisher base or two and he had the same thought and slipped in a Pelfrey RC.

Thank Drew for another sweet trade!

Next up is a package from David, aka Tunguska of Long Flyball Because.... He was interested in a Carlos Zambrano jersey card and some other Cubs from my 2008 Upper Deck Heroes box break. He had a nice Robinson Cano Ticket to Stardom bat card to offer up. The he said he had a couple of cards off my most wanted list plus an Ichiro game used so I threw in some more stuff into his envelope and it was trade on.

I really liked the relics with the ticket stubs from this set.

These two were off my most wanted list. I only need 2 now to complete the Ticket to Stardom base set. (101 Granderson, 139 Petitte). I now also am looking for the 07 Ginter Wright relic.

Thanks David for a great trade. Hope to get into another one with you soon.

The third trade in this trio is with Sam aka the Dimwit (his name, not my idea) over at The Daily Dimwit. I recently found his blog and he had some cool cards posted and available for trade so I inquired about some of them and a deal was on. The Teixeira Ginter jersey, the Reyes Goodwin Champions jersey, and the Cat Osterman Ginter jersey were the eye catchers I wanted.

H e even added in the redemption card for the Osterman which I like to save with the cards now that redemptions are on line and not mail in any more.
He must have had an accident when packing the envelope because some other stuff fell in with the trade cards.

Thanks Sam, I hope you are happy with your first on line trade and I hope to hook up another one with you.

Don't forget the The Pack Rip Cafe where today I have a Yak Pack.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Quick Hit and Run Post. 2 New Game Used For the Collection

Hello all. Just a quick post to show off a couple of cards I picked up with my Goudey box. Not bad at $3 each.

2002 Topps 206 John Olerud Game Worn Jersey (Mariners)

2007 Sweet Spot Memorabilia Pedro Martinez Game Used Jersey (Mets)

2 nice cards from the shops bargain box. Check out the Pack Rip Cafe and A Pack To Be Named Later for a couple of 2002 Topps packs.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Group Break Over At Cardboard Collections.

Hey all. Colby, aka FlyWheels, is hosting a group break over on Cardboard Collections and there are still some great teams left. He's busting boxes of  1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack, 1994 O-Pee-Chee, 1996 Topps Laser Series 2 Hobby & 2002 Topps Total Retail (Bay, Maurer, Wright RCs). This would yield 144 packs at a reasonable price.  Check it out and jump on board.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Overdue Trade Post. Some Great Stuff From Peterson!

Hello again Buffet readers. I am back today with a trade post, which is something I haven't done in a while. I must apologize for my falling so far behind on these but life, work, and family has taken most of my time lately and when I do have time to post it has been the flavor of the moment so the pile of cards from trades waiting to be posted has grown to quite the mountain on my desk. Anyway here is one from a trade I did back in late June with Peterson, aka Time Loves A Hero of the Sign Here and Here spot out in Blogoland. If I remember correctly he had some inserts I needed for the 2010 Topps and the trade grew into Mets for some autos I had for him (on card only for him). Here are just a few of the goodies he sent in an awesome package.

An oddball Hernandez, a die cut Reyes, a Piazza parallel, and a Grote reprint.

Some excellent shiny refractive gems of Beltran, Smith, Trachsel, and Martinez. Pedro is sn'd too.

More Serial numbered beauties. Fortunato /99, Concepcion /99, Lindstrom /50, Reyes /2006, and Carter /250.

The big guns. Joe Smith auto, Gary Carter game used jersey, and Mike Piazza game used jersey. I have over 100 Piazza game used cards but I didn't have this one which makes even more awesomeness.

There was more great cards with these but I chose these to show off. Thanks for the great package Chris even if it took me this long.

I will try to get more trade posts up as I can so hang on if we made a trade I haven't posted yet. Check out the Pack Rip Cafe for my first non-baseball post over there.

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