Sunday, January 30, 2011

Group Break Here!!!

   Hello all. Today is a very exciting day for me as I finally pull the trigger on hosting my first group break here at BA Benny's Baseball card Buffet. I think I have fulfilled the buffet part as I have a pretty good variety of stuff to offer. Let's see whats on the menu.

One box 2009 Topps 206 Hobby (20 packs @ 9 cards per pack)(2 hits per box)
One box 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Hobby (20 packs @ 5 cards per pack) (4 hits per box)
One Box 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Hobby (24 packs @ 15 cards per pack) (1 auto per box)

But there's more......

Two 2008 Topps Opening Day Blasters (11 packs per box @ 6 cards per pack)(possible auto's?)
One 2010 Upper Deck Blaster (10 Packs @8 cards per pack)(1 jersey hit)
Two 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Combo Blasters (5 jumbo packs per box, 180 cards per box)(? hits)

 I pulled the outer wrapper off the boxes in the first two pictures because the glare was killing the photos (my camera is not the greatest and neither is the photographer). Not to worry the boxes and packs are still sealed.

There's more...............

Four 100 card repack rack packs. (possible game used cards)
Five 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Combo rack packs (36 cards per pack) (? hits)

Still more......................

Another box of 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Hobby (4 hits per box)
2 packs 2010 Bowman Platinum Hobby (5 cards per pack)
7 packs 2000 Prism (5 cards per pack)

And some more.............

A 2008 Topps Heritage High Number Blaster (8 Packs @ 8 cards per pack) (hits?)
Various years of Heritage loose packs

  But there is still more........

   Some junk wax fun.
Five 1986 Topps rack packs (49 Cards per rack pack)
One 1990 Score rack pack (49 cards)
Four 1991 Score Series 1 packs (17 cards per pack)
One 1990 Topps rack pack (not pictured) 48 cards)

Still more......

  I have been stocking up on loose packs from various years and brands. Some are hobby and some are retail. There are certainly possibilities of hits from some of these loose packs. A good bunch of these are from the Vend-O-Pack machines but also some are from my local card shops, FYE, 7-11, Rite Aid, and other spots I have seen packs in my daily travels.

The 2 red packs up top are 05 Donruss Team Heroes

Some more 2010 fun.

Some Goudey's  and 2001 Topps Series one hobby

These all come from the Vend-O-Pack. I have gotten some more of these since I took this picture.

I am even going to add in some football just for fun. I have some more football also not pictured.

Some more 2010 Topps action. The 2 Updates in the back top are jumbo packs.

A fun bunch of variety

Some more variety and a couple of rack packs I missed.

  Now that makes 4 boxes, 6 blasters and a whole mess of loose packs. Not too shabby and I have more loose packs of various flavors not pictured that I am adding in also. I surely think there is enough variety here to make for a fun break.

Now for the details.
$25 per slot (one baseball and one football team per slot, shipping included).
(I will be taking one extra football team since I collect 3 teams and am hosting the break)
Obviously baseball is the main focus of the break but some football will be fun too.

$5 discount on additional slots after the first.
The 09 Signature Stars has Team USA along with some other packs possibly and some other non team possibilities are along the way. Those will be either be randomed off or I am thinking of possibly doing a live draft type of thing if we can all get together on it. Details to come as the break progresses.

I haven't set a date as of yet to begin the break as it will depend on how long it takes to get participants and payments. As of now I figure payment by next weekend and start breaking Sunday but that can be extended if people need more time to get in.

PayPal (gift please) to mg7768 @ aol dot com or cash at your own risk. Please include your name , address, blog name and your Blogoland name (ex. BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet is my blog and BA Benny is my Blogoland name)

As I am new to hosting a break so feel free to e-mail me if I forgot anything or you have any questions.
•Arizona Diamondbacks ~ skoormit
•Atlanta Braves ~ Derek Paid
•Baltimore Orioles ~ Ryan Paid
•Boston Red Sox ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
•Chicago White Sox ~ Community Gum Jon Paid
•Chicago Cubs ~ Matt (Cardboard Conundrum) Paid
•Cinncinnati Reds ~ Tim ~ Paid
•Cleveland Indians ~ Baseball Dad Paid
•Colorado Rockies ~ hiflew Paid
•Detroit Tigers ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
•Florida Marlins
•Houston Astros ~The Dimwit Paid
•Kansas City Royals ~ Eric L. Paid
•Los Angeles Angels
•Los Angeles Dodgers ~ Are No Paid
•Milwaukee Brewers
•Minnesota Twins ~ Scott (SmedIndy) Paid
•New York Mets ~ BA Benny Paid
•New York Yankees ~ BA Benny Paid
•Oakland Athletics ~ Scott (SmedIndy) Paid
•Philadelphia Phillies ~ Dawgbones Paid
•Pittsburgh Pirates ~ The Real DFG Paid
•San Diego Padres ~ Community Gum Jon Paid 
•San Francisco Giants ~ NY Hitman 23 Paid
•Seattle Mariners ~ Jonathan (RGB Cards) Paid
•St. Louis Cardinals ~ 82 Redbirds Paid
•Tampa Bay Rays ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
•Texas Rangers ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
•Toronto Blue Jays ~ Tunguska
•Washington Nationals / Expos ~ Spankee Paid

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons ~ skoormit
Baltimore Ravens ~ Community Gum Paid
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
Chicago Bears ~ hiflew Paid
Cincinnati Bengals ~ Tunguska
Cleveland Browns ~ Baseball Dad Paid
Dallas Cowboys ~ Community Gum Jon Paid
Denver Broncos ~ Eric L. Paid
Detroit Lions ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
Green Bay Packers ~ Are No Paid
Houston Texans ~ Matt (Cardboard Conundrum) Paid
Indianapolis Colts ~ Tim Paid
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs ~ The Real DFG Paid
Miami Dolphins ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
Minnesotta Vikings ~ Dawgbones Paid
New England Patriots ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
New Orleans Saints ~ BA Benny Paid
New York Giants ~ BA Benny Paid
New York Jets ~ BA Benny Paid
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles ~ Spankee Paid
Pittsburgh Steelers ~ NY Hitman 23 Paid
San Diego Chargers ~ Derek Paid
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
St. Louis Rams ~ 82 Redbirds Paid
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans ~ The Dimwit Paid
Washington Redskins ~ Ryan Paid

Thanks for Reading!


hiflew said...

I'll take the Rockies and the Bears. Will send payment on Tues.

Dawgbones said...

Yes Benny, put me down for the Phillies. And let's avoid Princess Vick and go with the Vikings.

Derek Hill said...

I'm so in for the Braves and how about the Chargers for my football team. Thanks!!

Matt Pederson said...

Put me in for Cubs/Texans. I'll include the payment in the trade package I'm sending.

Eric L said...

Put me down for Royals and Broncos. Payment on the way. Thanks.


This sounds pretty interesting,I'd like Cleveland please. Indians and Browns.

Dennis said...

Count me in for the Tigers/Lions, plus a baseball team of your choice and the Pats! I'd say this group break lives up to your other blog's name (provided you also serve coffee)

The Dimwit said...

Mike, I'll take the Astros, I appreciate it! As for football, I don't really collect football so I'll take a random team left over and if someone wants to trade for those cards, by all means...

flywheels said...

I'll take the Rangers and Panthers. Payment sent very soon.

hiflew said...

If you open to suggestions regarding the potential live draft of oddball stuff. I would go with rather than a random draft order, perhaps base it on # of relics and autos received with lowest getting first choice.

I dunno just a suggestion, either way unbelievably cool break man.

AdamE said...

Wish I wasn't so broke right now cause it looks like a fun break.

Arno said...

I really shouldn't, but the variety is super enticing. May I have the Dodgers and Packers, please? Thank you!

Also... you must have amazing self-control to not open all of those boxes and packs.

Anonymous said...

Please put my down for the Cardinals and Rams.

Ryan H said...

I'll take the Orioles and Redskins! Payment will be sent in a few minutes... Thanks for having this break, I'm looking forward to it!

LongFlyBall said...

Can't pass up a break like this.
Seeing as the Cubs are gone put me down for the Blue Jays and the Bengals.


Spankee said...

Put me down for the Nats/Expos and the Eagles. Money is sent

Axemanohio said...

Gimme the Reds and the Colts. This is my first break. I hope all goes well.

Scott Fendley said...

Twins and A's, and maybe another. Hope no football doesn't screw things up, like the cost.

This is smedcards by the way. OpenID isn't working!

Unknown said...

I'll take the SF Giants and the Steelers. Payment on the way!

Derek Hill said...

payment sent

Community Gum said...

Even though the Cubs are taken, I have to be part of this! Hoping to boost my new player collections ever so slightly (along with some later years Maddux), I'll go with White Sox and Padres. For the football side, I'll go Cowboys and Ravens. Payment will be sent shortly.

flywheels said...

Put me down for the Red Sox and Seahawks too. Payment coming for both of my slots this evening.

flywheels said...

Payment sent.

Matt Pederson said...

My payment was sent in cash in the trade package I (FINALLY!!!) shipped out to you. It went out Tuesday.

Play at the Plate said...

Since the Rangers were taken...I'll watch with great interest to see what good stuff you pull!

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

It's been nearly a week and the Mariners still aren't taken. I'm going to take that as a sign. I'm in for the M's. Payment to be sent shortly.

skoormit said...

Dbacks and Falcons, please, if they are still available. LMK by email and I'll paypal in the morning.

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