Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group Break Haul, Group Break Plug, And Some Contest Plugs.

   Hello all. Another snowy day here in NYC and additional 7-12 inches predicted for tonight. I have certainly seen enough of the white stuff as this is the most number of storms I can recall for many years. I really don't enjoy working outdoors on days like this but I gotta pay the bills so we bundle up and get the job at hand done. Enough of the weather report and on to my haul from Too Many Grandersons 2008 Razor Letterman break a couple of weeks ago. He even sent them in one of the 10 boxes (a case) he busted.

    It's like getting my own box with  cards I picked myself.  Instead of the traditional pick a team and hope style, he went with a draft setup where we all got to pick our cards. At first it was five but he was in a generous mood and made it six. I love the concept since we all basically respected each others team wants and then scored some great cards after that. You can't go wrong when every card you get is an auto. Here are my six cards.

 Mitchell and Lassiter Yankees prospects two colored auto patches both sn'd /20.

 The only Mets prospect to come out was Kirk Nieuwenhuis, a nice two color sn'd /20. Those three were the only NY players so I picked an Astros Jason Castro figuring on a possible future trade. (Are you reading this Mr. Dimwit?)

 I also had to grab a card /5 so the Dodgers Josh Lindblom fit the bill. After all the "drafting" was done, Dennis opened the floor for trading so he and I cut a deal where I gave him a Mike Stanton /20 that he really wanted and a Pedro Alverez base for the Gordon Beckham and the Jason Castro from above. By the way, The Lindblom and Beckham are for trade for the right offers.

   As usual, Dennis ran a kick ass live group break and I highly recommend getting in on the fun. In fact you have a chance right now as since he had such a good time he's decided to do another 2008 Razor Letterman case group break. Go HERE for all the details and sign up. I'm back in for another go since he didn't pull my Ike Davis 1/1 I asked for but he promised to do better this time. It's a lot of fun since you are guaranteed five autos and with the trading after it usually makes for a happy bunch when all is said and done.

   As usual Dennis and I get to talking and a trade pops up. He scored this beauty in one of his many Blowout forums scores and was kind enough to send it along. It was like a box topper in my Razor box.
  A 2007 Upper Deck Elements Graded Clear Cut Elements Gold Dontrelle Willis jersey/auto 87/99. This will look great in my Dontrelle collection for sure. Thanks again Dennis, I'm looking forward to the next one.

    On other fronts out there in Blogoland, tis the season for contests so I have a few more to plug here. First up is one of the vintage ilk over at The Vintage Sportscard Blog. As you would think, he has some oldies but goodies up for grabs over there. After that there is a contest over at Sports Syzygy for some CSN Stores loot so you will have a lot to choose from if you win the gift certificate. A spot I just found is Baseball Card Recollections and he is holding a contest based on MLB teams performance throughout the upcoming season in a bracket style format. There are still a bunch of teams left so check it out.

  That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!


The Dimwit said...

Ooooooo.... I'm drooling over that Castro card already... hahaha... Sending you an e-mail to figure out where we're at on our current trade negotiations! Sweet Razor cards!

Greg Zakwin said...

I'm interested in the Lindblom.

Dawgbones said...

Yo Benny, be careful how you arrange those letters!!! I sent you an email about a possible card for one of your categories. LMK
Sorry about the weather, but I'm glad I'm a desk-jockey most of the time!

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