Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Trade Posts For The Price Of One

   Hello all. Today I bring you some more trades made over the last couple of months as I continue to clean off the desk that is completely covered with break cards and trade packages.
   First I joined the sparkle party over at Nachos Grande. I sent Chris several 2011 Topps sparkle cards for his quest to complete the whole set and in return he hooked me up with some doubles he had for my quest to complete the Mets portion of the set.

    Thole, Pagan, and Niese are now in the fold so I need 5 more to complete the team set. As always the sidebar page shows what I need. It wouldn't be a trade with Chris if some other fun didn't fall in the package and Mets they were.

     A nice bunch of Mets with the Glavine (center, bottom) being my favorite.

      He also included one of his blog decals he got from Build ASign (a sponsor of mine also, see their link along with another soon to be new sponsor here at The Buffet on the side bar).
    Thanks Chris, another fun with you as usual.

Next up I have a package from Jason over at Clear Cut Cards. He is a fellow Mets fan and one of the first people I traded with when I started this blog a little over a year ago. we had a nice 2011 Topps for 2011 Topps needed for each others sets.

       All good additions to both the insert sets and team sets. The Jeter is one of the Target exclusive inserts and looks great. Thanks Jason, always a pleasure to trade with you again.

     The third of this trade trifecta is a quick deal I made with Chris from a new blog (to me  at least) I found a couple of months ago Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz. He has some Topps 52 chromes /1952 that peaked my interest so I offered him, you guessed it, Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz cards. I even snuck in a couple of Glavine Mets dups I had. I gotta tease a Braves fan when I get a chance.
         The chromes look much better in person as my camera skills weren't on point today. He surprised me with the TOG 69 Mets and the Reyes Moments and Milestones /150. Thanks Chris for a cool trade, I look forward to doing another one some time.

     There you have it, 3 more packages cleared from the pile, I think I saw a bit of the desk's top for a second before another package slid over it. Maybe I will do that one tomorrow. Don't forget to vote on my poll (top right side bar) on trade post preference.

  That does  it for today. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams people!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ebay Scores As I Try To Clean Up My Desk

  Hello all. Today I have a video of a bunch of E-bay pickups from the last few months that I have been meaning to post. I went the video route so I could knock them all out at once. Now all I have to do is get to all the great trade packages I am behind on but those deserve more detail so they will be posted one or two at a time.

There you have it, some fun Ebay pickups for the collection. I have put a poll up on the side bar as to people's preference on trade posts so please cast your vote and feel free to comment here on why you voted how you did or about anything else for that matter.
   I am still waiting on a few lists then I will commence on the final part of the break by distributing the random cards.

  That's all I have for today. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trade Post- Mom Always Told Me To Wear A Sweater! Some Plugs and I Need Some Lists.

   Hello all. Today I begin to catch up on trade posts that I have been holding off while doing the break. I will begin with a great trade with Greg of Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle. He had a couple of cards on his Trade Bait page that interested me and he liked a 2008 Razor Josh Linblom auto /5 that I had and from there things expanded into a fantastic trade.

 This is a small taste of the great Mets and Yankees he sent over.

    He also sent a bunch of odd sized cards of players I collect. The Puckett is a framed SuperSlam card that opens like an easel to stand up. I never saw one of those before.Not one of the cards in this picture are of the standard size.

    He even hit some cards from the three NFL teams I collect. Here are some of them.

And the cards that started it all.

    The Soriano and Giambi of course caught my eye. He then mentioned he had a nice Lundqvist dual jersey /150 that I may like. While I don't do a lot of hockey in my collection and the Islanders are my favorite team (with the Rangers being second), that card is certainly a keeper so I said sure. The McFadden is a patch /25 that I liked as well. This is more of a case of liking the card more then the player plus I have the regular jersey card from this set so this parallel will fit in well.
    There you have it, a great trade with a great trader and cool blogger that I will definitely trade with again. Thanks Greg!

Next I want to plug a couple of things out in Blogoland. First is a contest over at It's like having my own Card Shop where you guess a number and can win a jersey card so check it out. I also suggest you head on over to The Daily Dimwit where he is hosting a group break with 2 boxes of 2011 Gypsy Queen and if we can fill all the spots he will add a box of something else as a thanks so get on in as it's only $12 a team and there are good teams left.

  On another note, I still need lists and votes on how to set the draft list from some people from the break. (Details here)
Skoormit - D-Backs
Derek - Braves
Jon - White Sox and Padres
Baseball Dad - Indians
NY Hitman 23 - Giants
Jonathan RGB - Mariners
Tunguska - Blue Jays

   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Topps Baseball Card Special Coming to MLB Network March 29th

Topps Baseball Card Special Coming to MLB Network March 29th

It's been a busy weekend for me so I'm not sure how many of you have seen this but here is the info I got in an e-mail from the SCF trade site I use sometimes.

MLB Network to air hour-long special this Tuesday called "Cardboard Treasures", a look back at the history of Topps. During the 2011 baseball card season, Topps will continue to celebrate their 60th year in the baseball card business with various promotions. Topps and the MLB Network have teamed up for an upcoming special called "Cardboard Treasures". The theme of the show revolves around Topps' 60 years in the baseball card business. The hour-long retrospective will air this Tuesday night. Below are all the show details for your convenience.

Air Date: 3/29/11 @ 10:00 PM EST in most areas.

Show Length: 1 hour

Channel: MLB Network
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attn. All Group Break Participants: Break Cards Random Draft List and A Plug

   Hello all. First off, now that my brake is just about over you can fill that void over at The Daily Dimwit where Sam is hosting a group break of his own. He's cracking 2 boxes of 2011 Gypsy Queen and if we can fill all 30 spots he will add in another box of something else so head on over. I did my part with 2 teams so step up and join the fun, good teams are left. Now onto my business at hand.
     Here is the list and pictures of all the cards not team related from the break that will be drafted by the break participants. What I need from all of said break participants is an e-mail with a list of your order of preference of cards for the draft. When I get all the lists I will begin the draft. Also leave your preference of how I set the draft order in the e-mail. The choices are:
     A) Set the order by the amount of cards received in the break starting with the number of hits and then total cards so for example if a team got 1 hit, all the teams with 0 hits would be listed in front of that team. The order of teams with equal number of hits will be determined by total cards with the lowest number first and so on.
    B) List all teams on and mix them up 5 times and go with that order.
    Keep in mind that we will go in reverse order the second time through the list.

We have 58 cards from the break and I added 2 to make it an even 60 so each team gets 2 cards. If you have more then one team each team gets the 2 cards but I still just need the one list. Please include your names and team(s) you had. Check out the list and send me your order for ALL 60 cards.
1) 2008 Goudey Hit Parade of Champions Mario Lemiex
2) 2010 A&G mini Preston Pittman (A&G back)
3) 2010 A&G mini World's Wordsmiths John Bunyan
4) 2010 A&G mini Worlds' Biggest Castle
5) 2008 A&G mini Black Bordered Allen Fisher
6) 2010 Topps 206 mini Historical Events First Short Flight Jet Engine
7) 2010 Topps 206 mini Historical Events British Miners Strike
8) 2010 Topps 206 mini Historical Events First Female Cop
9) 2010 Topps 206 mini Historical Events First Female Cop
10) 2010 A&G Kelly Kulick
11) 2010 A&G Area 51
12) 2010 A&G Sig Hansen
13) 2010 A&G Meb Keflezighi
14) 2010 A&G Max Poser
15) 2010 Bowman Platinum Team USA Matt Barnes
16) 2010 Bowman Platinum Team USA Jason Esposito
17) 2010 Bowman Platinum Team USA Andrew Maggi
18) 2010 Bowman Platinum Team USA Steve Rodriguez
19) 2010 Bowman Platinum Team USA Ryan Wright
20) 2010 Upper Deck Celebrity Predictors Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon
21) 2010 Upper Deck Celebrity Predictors Shia LeBeouf/Megan Fox
22) 2010 Upper Deck Celebrity Predictors Shia LeBeouf/Megan Fox
23) 2009 USA Star Prospects Cody Buckel
24) 2009 USA Star Prospects  Kevin Causman
25) 2009 USA Star Prospects Manny Machado
26) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects AJ Vanegas
27) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Tony Wolters
28) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects  Michael Choice
29) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Rick Hague
30) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Casey McGrew
31) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Cody Wheeler
32) 2009 Signature Stars USA Star Prospects Kolton Wong
33) 2009 Signature Stars By The Letter Brian Ragira letter auto /100
34) 2009 Signature Stars Game Jersey USA Sean Coyle gu jersey
35) 2009 Signature Stars Game Jersey USA Andy Wilkins gu jersey
36) 2009 Signature Stars USA Future Watch AJ Vanegas auto/gu jersey /899
37) 2009 Signature Stars USA Winning Materials Trevor Bauer dual gu jersey /499
38) 1991 Bowman Colin Powell
39) 2009 Topps Chrome WBC Alex Rios (Puerto Rico)
40) 2010 Topps Tales of the Game Topps Dumps 1952 cards
41) 2010 Topps Tales of the Game Mile High Humidor
42) 2010 Topps Tales of the Game Mile High Humidor
43) 2008 A&G Davy Crockett
44) 2009 Goodwin Champions Michael Jordan
45) 2009 Goodwin Champions Bobby Orr
46) 2008 Topps First Couples George & Barbara Bush
47) 2004 UD USA National Team Alumni Adam Everett
48) 1996 Old Judge T-96 Don Wengert auto /6000
49) 2008 UD Football Heroes Dan Connor (Penn State)
50) 2008 UD Football Heroes Keith Rivers (USC)
51) 2008 UD Football Heroes Sports Heroes Jackie Joyner-Kersee
52) 1991Topps Stadium Club Steve Rodriguez Team USA
53) 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Alex Bregman USA
54) 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Corey Seager USA
55) 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects gold Carson Kelly USA
56) 2009 UD 20th Ann. US population reaches 300 million
57) 2009 Bowman WBC Concepcion Rodriguez (Panama)
58) 1990 Star Andy Postema (Erie)
59) BONUS 2011 Topps Opening Day Dan Ugla blue border /2011
60) BONUS 2011 Topps Kimball Champions KC-43 Pee Wee Reese

Cards 1 ~ 14

Cards 15 ~ 24

Cards 25 ~ 34

Cards 35 ~ 45

Cards 46 ~ 53

Cards 54 ~ 60

    Have fun making your lists and don't forget to tell me your choice for how we make the draft order.

Thanks for Reading!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Break Multiple Player Cards Randomed Off And The Plan For The Rest.

   Hello everybody. I have randomed the break cards that represented more then one team and the video shows who got what. Forgive me for the excessive camera movement as I was switching between windows while holding the web cam so it moved around a little bit but all the randoms should be represented. The video is about 27 minutes as it took longer then I thought it would so feel free to skip ahead to the cards that involve your team(s).

    As far as the other cards that don't fit into a specific team category, I will post the list of cards either tonight or tomorrow and then each break participant will e-mail me a list in the order that you would pick the cards. If you have more then one team I still only need one list. I will then list all thirty teams on and shake them up 5 times to determine the draft order. I will then distribute the cards in the order you selected them in the order of the team list if that makes sense to you. The second time through we will go in reverse order so if you pick first your second pick will be last. We have 58 cards to pick so I will add 2 cards so that each team gets two cards from the lot. I was going to try and do some kind of live draft but to get over 20 people together for what amounts to 2 cards for most, it would not be worth the effort that everybody would have to make so this seems like the easiest way while you still can get a say in what you get depending where your team(s) fall on the list. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Break End Is Here! (Well Almost)

   Hello all. I have completed opening everything for the group break and videos have been taken so now all you have to do is grab a beer (or 2), or whatever you like as I have here for you the last 5 videos of the remaining bonus loose packs and the last box (2009 Topps 206). The total running time of all the videos is about  an hour and forty-five minutes so sit back, relax, and enjoy. I don't think I put the videos in order that I made them so if something doesn't make sense that may be why but it shouldn't matter as far as the order of the packs.

Bonus Loose Packs

Bonus Football Loose Packs

Bonus Over Production Era Loose Packs

Bonus Loose Packs

2009 Topps 206 Box

      The count page is updated to show the final tally of cards for each team. There are 59 cards to be randomed among the 30 teams so each team will get 2 of them (one of my teams will only get one) and I will random the 2, 3, and 4 team cards as well. The way I will do the random among all the teams is to have one of my kids sort all the cards into a random pile with the hits mixed among them and then I will random all the teams on and the order they come out is the order I will distribute them with all teams having a chance for the six hits.

   There you have it, the end of this marathon group break. I have had a great time doing this break but at the same time am glad it is done so I can get back to normal posting and I have trades that are in progress that have been delayed so I can devote the time to getting them done. I also have a big pile of great trade packages to post about so I look forward to that. I hope you all enjoyed it and I will probably get the random up tomorrow providing nothing unexpected comes up.

That's it for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Back With A New Laptop Part 2! Signature Stars Box for the Break

  Hello again all. I am back with the second box of 2009 Signature Stars and some bonus packs for the group break. I apologize for yet another delay as the new laptop I got turned out to be a piece of junk and NOT what the salesman promised me as far as performance as evident in my last set of videos so I returned it and scored a different new laptop (from a different store)  but had to wait til Sunday for the sale price ($200 cheaper) and am very very happy with the outcome of this purchase. Anyway on with the break. I don't have a lot of time due to fantasy baseball draft tonight so the count page will be updated after the next break post. Here is the next box followed by some bonus packs.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars

Bonus Packs

   We are in the home stretch now with one box and some bonus packs left. I have been having a great time presenting this break even with all the delays and computer issues and hope you are enjoying it as well.

  That's all I have for today, Gotta go draft my championship team in The Wack Conference league. A reminder to anybody in my fantasy baseball league that that draft is Friday night.

Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Back With The Group Break

   Hello all. I am happy to be back with a bunch of loose packs for the group break however I must apologize for the poor video quality. I seems to be choppy and I will be working on that as I move forward. I am not sure if it is a software problem or a problem with the new laptop. While it's a bit annoying, I think all the cards are still seen and the audio seems to be OK except in one spot. On we go.....

   Over all, some good stuff. Two hits and a bunch of non base to go around. I believe 24 out of the 30 teams got at least one insert, parallel, sn'd, and/or hit. We are in the home stretch with two boxes and some bonus packs to go in what has become a marathon group break. I hope everybody involved is enjoying it so far and doesn't mind how long it has taken to get through.

 Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Watching!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good News and the Final Two Documentary Teams

   Hello all. I come back with good news today and the last pair of documentary teams along with the promised auto and a winner of the little guess the auto contest.  First up the good news. I have secured the funds through some side work, scrimping and scrounging, and a few skipped lunches to go and pick up a new laptop that's on sale. All the stars lined up just right with the timing of the sale and some extra side work that came along at just the right time and my very understanding wife who helped me secure the funds needed for a needed laptop. I will be going tomorrow (hopefully) so the group break along with more regular posting should continue by Wednesday. With that being said, I present the last 2 teams from the Documentary box, the Reds and Dodgers.

Here are some Reds..........

   and some Dodgers...............

    more Reds..............

more Dodgers............

  still more Reds........

   and now for that auto I have been promising........
Seasonal Signatures Ramon Troncoso (Dodgers)

    There you have it, finally all the Documentary teams are out and the Dodgers get the auto. Congrats to Are No for his second Dodgers hit and hiflew for guessing that it would be the Troncoso auto for the hit. I have a Rockies card sn'd /99 for Johnny that I should have a picture of in the next post.

   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

And Then There Were Two!

  Hey all, still working on the computer problems but I do have one more Documentary team to show for today.


     That brings us down to the last two teams left with one scoring an auto. Is it the Reds or is it the Dodgers? Since I am limited at the moment lets add a little fun to this for all those in the break. Leave a comment with what team you think it will be and what player it will be. If you guess the player I will add a small prize in your teams pile, maybe a serial numbered or refractor or something along those lines. Since there are only 5 possible answers as per the checklist HERE, I will random any correct answers so feel free to duplicate guesses.

   Thats all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties Have Hit The Buffet and A Documentary Team

    Hello all. It's been a few days since I have posted here for a few reasons and I am not happy about it. This weekend became a washout after a surprise work day Saturday and a huge rain storm Sunday that resulted in some basement flooding, no real damage thankfully but still a pain to clean up. The bigger problem is that technical difficulties have hit The Buffet. The two USB ports on my computer have stopped working and after several hours over the last few days I have determined that they are not repairable (for a reasonable price at least) so I am basically stuck with no way to upload pictures, scans, and videos to my computer and then the blog of course. Needless to say I am not a happy camper at this time. We are approaching the home stretch of the group break and I have a bunch of great trade packages to show off as well as some other great stuff to post about. I now am forced to pause the break since I take video or pictures and it's WAY to much for a lousy typist like myself to type out all the cards. I hope to find a resolution to this issue by the weekend and get back on track. My posting will be limited til then but I can still read and comment on all your great blogs out there. I also lost a lot of time I planned to work on trades I have working out there so please be patient if we have a deal in the works as I will get back on that as well. Sorry for the inconvenience but I will figure something out ASAP.
    I do already have the rest of the Documentary teams in my files so I can at least finish that part of the break as I remedy the situation. Next up................................


  There you go, one more team down. Some good looking action shots in the Rays lot.

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Plugs For Happenings Out In Blogoland.

  Hey all. I have been stuck working a bunch of overtime for a project at work this week so time has been scarce. I will get the group break back in full swing this weekend as today should be my last late day. I will throw a few plugs out there for today as my partner brought his laptop in and we have a little down time.
   First up is a contest over at Hoopography where he is giving away some sweet basketball cards so if you are a hoops collector you have to check it out.
   Next up is Sam's contest over at The Daily Dimwit. He has a gift code from one of his sponsors, CSN Stores and you can use it for all kinds of different stuff so it's certainly worth a chance. As usual, Sam will have some other prizes as well for other winners.
   March Madness is just around the corner so conference tourney's are getting ready to start and The Lost Collector is holding a contest where you have to pick the winner of the Big East tournament and if you do you have a shot at a relic card of an alum of that team.
    If all my group break posts have got you in the mood for getting in another one, Colbey over at Cardboard Collections is hosting one of his great breaks this month. His breaks are always fun and affordable and he even gives discounts on additional teams so head on over there to get in on the action.

  There you are, now go enter.

Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Group Break Continues And The Documentary Is Down Four Teams Left + A Contest Plug!.

    Hello again all. First I have a cool contest plug to get in. Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping is hosting a contest and he will do some shopping for you if you win so check it out and get on in.
    Now the group break continues to roll along with some more loose packs and two more teams from the Documentary are revealed. The boys are back so that can only mean one thing. You'll have to watch and see who got lucky today.

  For those who counted along, it was only 11 packs plus the 2 bonus packs as I forgot one of the 2o6 packs. It will be added to the next bunch we rip. Our luck has been great with the loose packs as far as hits coming out. If my math is correct, we have scored 8 hits from loose packs which is all luck. The other 5 were guaranteed from the Signature Stars box (4) and the 2010 Upper Deck blaster (1). We still should have at least 7 more hits including the one from the Documentary that has yet to be revealed. Let's narrow that one down to four teams with these two being shown.



   That should leave the Reds, Nationals, Dodgers, and Rays left.

   I hope everybody is enjoying the break so far. I am down to what I think is the last 20 or so packs (some more bonus packs too) and the 2 boxes still left to be opened.

    That's all I have for today. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!