Monday, January 31, 2011

A Trade, A Surprise, and A Couple of Group Break Plugs!

    Hello all. A couple of things to hit on today. First up is a trade post with a package I received from Mr. 82 Redbirds over at Way Off Base. Randy had done a post about his first NPN success and it was from 2010 Topps flagship release. He scored a Legenday Lineage of Yogi Berra and Jorge Posada.

   Since my being a Yankee collector, after the Mets of course, I was interested in this card. I didn't chase the LL insert set this year but I did go after the players and teams I collect so I actually needed 2 of these cards, one for the Yogi collection and one for the Posada collection. When I get a card featuring more then one player I add it to the collection of the player I like better and/or the player who is better. This one goes into the Yogi binder hands down. As usual, Randy was happy to work out a trade for some of his beloved Cardinals cards and I found a couple others on his trade page that tickled my collecting yens.

    My first Ruth mini, a sweet Carew /99 and a Jr. along with an Iron man to round out a great quartet of cards. Thanks a bunch Randy, your cards are in transit as we speak.

   Another envelope arrived in the mailbox last week but I had no idea why. When I opened it this little gem popped out.
   As I have made clear lately, cards with American flags on them have quickly become a favorite side collection of mine and this Randy Winn totaly fit the bill for it. As I recocnized the card from a post I read a couple of weeks ago over at Emerald City Diamond Gems, one Mariner 1 read my comment on the card and proceeded to mail it out to me without a peep so the surprise was complete. Thanks for a great surprise.

   Next up, a couple of group break plugs. First up is another one of Colbey's great box busting adventures over at Cardboard Collections. He's got 3 boxes going this month. 1992 O-Pee-Chee,  2005 Topps Total,  and 2007 Upper Deck Elements Hobby. Once again he offers a great break at very affordable prices. I missed out on my 2 favorite teams but I am in with the Reds looking for some Griffey Jr. cards for the player collection. Head on over and grab a team to get in the fun.

    The other group break I would like to promote is my very own first ever endeavor into hosting one of these things. First up I have to say Thank You to all those who already signed up and have been great in supporting this break. Quite frankly I am a little blown away by so many of the great bloggers out there jumping in so quickly and am truly elated by your response. Now for all you others looking to get in, go HERE for all the details and comment there to get in on all the action. There are still great teams available.

   On an unrelated note, several published reports have the NY Mets hosting the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field here in Flushing Queens NY. MLB or the team won't confirm the reports but all signs point to it being true. An official announcement is expected in a few of months.

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Group Break Here!!!

   Hello all. Today is a very exciting day for me as I finally pull the trigger on hosting my first group break here at BA Benny's Baseball card Buffet. I think I have fulfilled the buffet part as I have a pretty good variety of stuff to offer. Let's see whats on the menu.

One box 2009 Topps 206 Hobby (20 packs @ 9 cards per pack)(2 hits per box)
One box 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Hobby (20 packs @ 5 cards per pack) (4 hits per box)
One Box 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Hobby (24 packs @ 15 cards per pack) (1 auto per box)

But there's more......

Two 2008 Topps Opening Day Blasters (11 packs per box @ 6 cards per pack)(possible auto's?)
One 2010 Upper Deck Blaster (10 Packs @8 cards per pack)(1 jersey hit)
Two 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Combo Blasters (5 jumbo packs per box, 180 cards per box)(? hits)

 I pulled the outer wrapper off the boxes in the first two pictures because the glare was killing the photos (my camera is not the greatest and neither is the photographer). Not to worry the boxes and packs are still sealed.

There's more...............

Four 100 card repack rack packs. (possible game used cards)
Five 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Combo rack packs (36 cards per pack) (? hits)

Still more......................

Another box of 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Hobby (4 hits per box)
2 packs 2010 Bowman Platinum Hobby (5 cards per pack)
7 packs 2000 Prism (5 cards per pack)

And some more.............

A 2008 Topps Heritage High Number Blaster (8 Packs @ 8 cards per pack) (hits?)
Various years of Heritage loose packs

  But there is still more........

   Some junk wax fun.
Five 1986 Topps rack packs (49 Cards per rack pack)
One 1990 Score rack pack (49 cards)
Four 1991 Score Series 1 packs (17 cards per pack)
One 1990 Topps rack pack (not pictured) 48 cards)

Still more......

  I have been stocking up on loose packs from various years and brands. Some are hobby and some are retail. There are certainly possibilities of hits from some of these loose packs. A good bunch of these are from the Vend-O-Pack machines but also some are from my local card shops, FYE, 7-11, Rite Aid, and other spots I have seen packs in my daily travels.

The 2 red packs up top are 05 Donruss Team Heroes

Some more 2010 fun.

Some Goudey's  and 2001 Topps Series one hobby

These all come from the Vend-O-Pack. I have gotten some more of these since I took this picture.

I am even going to add in some football just for fun. I have some more football also not pictured.

Some more 2010 Topps action. The 2 Updates in the back top are jumbo packs.

A fun bunch of variety

Some more variety and a couple of rack packs I missed.

  Now that makes 4 boxes, 6 blasters and a whole mess of loose packs. Not too shabby and I have more loose packs of various flavors not pictured that I am adding in also. I surely think there is enough variety here to make for a fun break.

Now for the details.
$25 per slot (one baseball and one football team per slot, shipping included).
(I will be taking one extra football team since I collect 3 teams and am hosting the break)
Obviously baseball is the main focus of the break but some football will be fun too.

$5 discount on additional slots after the first.
The 09 Signature Stars has Team USA along with some other packs possibly and some other non team possibilities are along the way. Those will be either be randomed off or I am thinking of possibly doing a live draft type of thing if we can all get together on it. Details to come as the break progresses.

I haven't set a date as of yet to begin the break as it will depend on how long it takes to get participants and payments. As of now I figure payment by next weekend and start breaking Sunday but that can be extended if people need more time to get in.

PayPal (gift please) to mg7768 @ aol dot com or cash at your own risk. Please include your name , address, blog name and your Blogoland name (ex. BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet is my blog and BA Benny is my Blogoland name)

As I am new to hosting a break so feel free to e-mail me if I forgot anything or you have any questions.
•Arizona Diamondbacks ~ skoormit
•Atlanta Braves ~ Derek Paid
•Baltimore Orioles ~ Ryan Paid
•Boston Red Sox ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
•Chicago White Sox ~ Community Gum Jon Paid
•Chicago Cubs ~ Matt (Cardboard Conundrum) Paid
•Cinncinnati Reds ~ Tim ~ Paid
•Cleveland Indians ~ Baseball Dad Paid
•Colorado Rockies ~ hiflew Paid
•Detroit Tigers ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
•Florida Marlins
•Houston Astros ~The Dimwit Paid
•Kansas City Royals ~ Eric L. Paid
•Los Angeles Angels
•Los Angeles Dodgers ~ Are No Paid
•Milwaukee Brewers
•Minnesota Twins ~ Scott (SmedIndy) Paid
•New York Mets ~ BA Benny Paid
•New York Yankees ~ BA Benny Paid
•Oakland Athletics ~ Scott (SmedIndy) Paid
•Philadelphia Phillies ~ Dawgbones Paid
•Pittsburgh Pirates ~ The Real DFG Paid
•San Diego Padres ~ Community Gum Jon Paid 
•San Francisco Giants ~ NY Hitman 23 Paid
•Seattle Mariners ~ Jonathan (RGB Cards) Paid
•St. Louis Cardinals ~ 82 Redbirds Paid
•Tampa Bay Rays ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
•Texas Rangers ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
•Toronto Blue Jays ~ Tunguska
•Washington Nationals / Expos ~ Spankee Paid

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons ~ skoormit
Baltimore Ravens ~ Community Gum Paid
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
Chicago Bears ~ hiflew Paid
Cincinnati Bengals ~ Tunguska
Cleveland Browns ~ Baseball Dad Paid
Dallas Cowboys ~ Community Gum Jon Paid
Denver Broncos ~ Eric L. Paid
Detroit Lions ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
Green Bay Packers ~ Are No Paid
Houston Texans ~ Matt (Cardboard Conundrum) Paid
Indianapolis Colts ~ Tim Paid
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs ~ The Real DFG Paid
Miami Dolphins ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
Minnesotta Vikings ~ Dawgbones Paid
New England Patriots ~ Too Many Grandersons Paid
New Orleans Saints ~ BA Benny Paid
New York Giants ~ BA Benny Paid
New York Jets ~ BA Benny Paid
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles ~ Spankee Paid
Pittsburgh Steelers ~ NY Hitman 23 Paid
San Diego Chargers ~ Derek Paid
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks ~ Colbey (aka FlyWheels) Paid
St. Louis Rams ~ 82 Redbirds Paid
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans ~ The Dimwit Paid
Washington Redskins ~ Ryan Paid

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Quick Of One Card Trade and a Blue Plate Special NBA Style!

  Hello all. A couple of quickies for you today. While I was checking out the SCF boards during my quest for the last card I needed for the 1995 Bazooka set (post here) I ran across a post offering some various GU's and one of the cards on the list caught my eye, well at least the description since they have no pictures on that particular board. 09 Gridiron Gear S. Green Performers #7 Jersey/FB 33/50 (Jets) Sounded good to me, let me make an offer, so I did and the poster who's name is Paul agreed on a trade for the card I offered, a 2005 Topps All-Star events jersey of John Smoltz. A few days later the postman delivered a nice little envelope and this gem popped out.

  That's right, not just a jersey but a patch with jersey along side the ball piece. Now it is one of those rookie event jersey's but still a sweet card none the less. I guess in this case no pictures helped me out since I think if people saw how nice this card is he would of had more offers on it.
    All in all, a great score!

   Next is a Blue Plate Special for all you hoopster collectors out there. One interesting Mets (or something else I collect) can get you these three great NBA cards from 09-10 Playoff Contenders.

   That's right people, just one card can score you all three of these NBA treats. The Iguodala is sn'd 090/100.

   Be dialing  e-mailing people before they're scooped up. One interesting card will get it done.

A quick reminder, you have until midnight tonight to jump in Too Many Granderson's 2008 Razor Letterman group break going off live tomorrow at 3 o'clock.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for my announcement on a group "project" here on The Buffet.

   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group Break Haul, Group Break Plug, And Some Contest Plugs.

   Hello all. Another snowy day here in NYC and additional 7-12 inches predicted for tonight. I have certainly seen enough of the white stuff as this is the most number of storms I can recall for many years. I really don't enjoy working outdoors on days like this but I gotta pay the bills so we bundle up and get the job at hand done. Enough of the weather report and on to my haul from Too Many Grandersons 2008 Razor Letterman break a couple of weeks ago. He even sent them in one of the 10 boxes (a case) he busted.

    It's like getting my own box with  cards I picked myself.  Instead of the traditional pick a team and hope style, he went with a draft setup where we all got to pick our cards. At first it was five but he was in a generous mood and made it six. I love the concept since we all basically respected each others team wants and then scored some great cards after that. You can't go wrong when every card you get is an auto. Here are my six cards.

 Mitchell and Lassiter Yankees prospects two colored auto patches both sn'd /20.

 The only Mets prospect to come out was Kirk Nieuwenhuis, a nice two color sn'd /20. Those three were the only NY players so I picked an Astros Jason Castro figuring on a possible future trade. (Are you reading this Mr. Dimwit?)

 I also had to grab a card /5 so the Dodgers Josh Lindblom fit the bill. After all the "drafting" was done, Dennis opened the floor for trading so he and I cut a deal where I gave him a Mike Stanton /20 that he really wanted and a Pedro Alverez base for the Gordon Beckham and the Jason Castro from above. By the way, The Lindblom and Beckham are for trade for the right offers.

   As usual, Dennis ran a kick ass live group break and I highly recommend getting in on the fun. In fact you have a chance right now as since he had such a good time he's decided to do another 2008 Razor Letterman case group break. Go HERE for all the details and sign up. I'm back in for another go since he didn't pull my Ike Davis 1/1 I asked for but he promised to do better this time. It's a lot of fun since you are guaranteed five autos and with the trading after it usually makes for a happy bunch when all is said and done.

   As usual Dennis and I get to talking and a trade pops up. He scored this beauty in one of his many Blowout forums scores and was kind enough to send it along. It was like a box topper in my Razor box.
  A 2007 Upper Deck Elements Graded Clear Cut Elements Gold Dontrelle Willis jersey/auto 87/99. This will look great in my Dontrelle collection for sure. Thanks again Dennis, I'm looking forward to the next one.

    On other fronts out there in Blogoland, tis the season for contests so I have a few more to plug here. First up is one of the vintage ilk over at The Vintage Sportscard Blog. As you would think, he has some oldies but goodies up for grabs over there. After that there is a contest over at Sports Syzygy for some CSN Stores loot so you will have a lot to choose from if you win the gift certificate. A spot I just found is Baseball Card Recollections and he is holding a contest based on MLB teams performance throughout the upcoming season in a bracket style format. There are still a bunch of teams left so check it out.

  That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Group Break Goodies Plus a Trade, Joy of a Completed Set, A Contest Plug, and the Real Reason the Jets Lost!

   Hello all. Today I have a few things to show off here on The Buffet. First up I have just a few of the great cards from Colbey of Cardboard Collection's group break. His breaks are great, usually cheap and he always finds fun stuff to break. As I like to do, I grabbed the Mets and Yankees.

  First some of the 1999 Sports Illustrated. The Jeter is an insert.

    Next is the 1994 Pinnacle. I'm loving the Hundley parallel, too bad the picture can't show the coolnes of this card.

    Some 2005 UD Pro Sigs. I really like this set. 

   I hit 2 parallels from the box, a Giambi silver parallel and a Mussina gold parallel sn'd 257/350. Around the same time of the break, I think before, Colbey posted about a box of 2008 Topps he broke and the auto in the box caught my eye so I inquired and a quick trade was on. I sent him a Sean Casey jersey card and this came back in return.

     While most Mets fans can't see Luis Castillo go fast enough, I think there are bigger problems to address first but that's a discussion for another time. He's still a Mets player so I want his cards and this one is a great addition to the collection.

   Speaking of auto's, The Great Orioles Autograph Project has begun his Hall of Fame week with Earl Weaver, a favorite of my managers collection, and is holding a contest for an auto card of him. Check it out.

   Next part of our little journey here on The Buffet today is a "Joy of a Completed Set" card. Back in 1995, before I left the hobby for some time after my kids were born in 93 and 94 respectively, I chased the 95 Bazooka set when I found a couple of boxes dirt cheap in a clearance bin at CVS. I killed the base set no problem and most of the Red Hots insert set. I bindered them up and never finished the insert set. When I got back into the hobby a few years ago I had so many other interests I forgot about this set until I found the binder and realized I was only 5 cards short of the set. COMC had 3 so it was easy to knock those off and I was down to 2. I actually thought it was 1 and through an SCF post I got the Frank Thomas Red Hot I thought would finally finish off the set. When I was adding it to the book I saw that I skipped one card in the page and was actually still one card short. After a couple of months of being on my most wanted list and sporatic SCF posts, a trader named Jamie hooked me up with this final card to put this set to bed 16 years after I started it.
1995 Bazooka Red Hot Albert Belle

    Thanks to SCF Trader Jamie for the help.

    Finally I believe I have found the real reason the NY Jets lost to the Steelers yesterday. I received a letter in the mail today from a very, very popular blogger out there that explains it all. Apparently he is a mush as the letter proves.
   Click on the picture to enlarge it but in case you can't read it, this is what it says"

"Now that the Falcons have choked...
(Feel free to blame me if they lose in the AFCCG)"

  Timing is everything. If I only got this on Saturday, maybe I could have done something but alas, the damage is done. Now I am not going to out this mush but he can feel free to reveal himself in the comments or where ever he sees fit. He was kind enough to include some stuff in the letter for me.

    Some 2010 Panini NFL Stickers and a 1965 Topps #68 Del Crandall. I do appreciate the surprise card and stickers but do me a favor and stick with the Falcons from now on please.

   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin those cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trade Post and Some LCS Scores.

    Hey all. In keeping up with my New Year promise to post all trade goodies, today I have some fun from the Hall of Fame. No, not Cooperstown but The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Tim over there has quite the diversified collection and isn't afraid to share it. He commented to me about a great Daniel Murphy card he scored and said I would probably be interested. After teasing me a bit he let me know what it was and boy was I interested so we struck a deal. Before I get to the meat of the trade first some extra treats he included.

   Eight of 1997 Circa Mets. There are 15 Mets in the 400 card set so I have over half now so I may have to chase the team set. The Olerud is my favorite.

    Some Nascar cards The ones with pictures of the cars are the best. Look at the baby face on Jeff Gordon.
   There was also an oddly shaped bubble wrapped team bag inside the envelope. At first I thought it was some of those baseball coins from the 80's but upon upon unwrapping it an unexpected surprise popped out.
  A 1997 Starting Lineup of Jason Isringhausen. I thought it was cool when the card was mixed in with the other cards but now I know why.

   Now for the one that started it all...............
   1/1 Printing Plate!!!!!!
2009 Bowman Chrome Magenta Printing Plate Daniel Murphy 1/1

    My first Mets printing plate! My first Mets 1/1!

  But wait there's more........
  1/1 Printing Plate #2
2007 Topps Updates Cyan Printing Plate Ramon Castro 1/1

   My second Mets printing plate! second Mets 1/1!

   Tim collects printing plates so for him to send me these was way cool of him. I am sending him one back along with some other stuff but I surely couldn't be happier about what he sent. Thanks a whole lot Tim!

    As I posted yesterday, I stopped by my LCS this week and among my main reason of picking up pages for the binders and something for the "secret project" I may have mentioned in past posts, I grabbed some six loose cards. You saw the 3 Pinnacle Mint Collection cards and coins yesterday. Here's the others.
   A Canseco Jersey card from his White Sox days and a Kellen Clemens event worn throwback jersey card. The Canseco is actually for the Cards with American flag collection. I love the bargain binder he has there. There was also a high school aged kid in the shop with a bunch of sweet cards that he got at a local show last weekend and he decided he didn't want this little gem and sold it to me.

   A 2005 Zenith Nolan Ryan gu jersey card. My first Ryan game used for the collection. Sorry Sam, (of The Daily Dimwit fame) this one is staying with my collection. Just for fun, I would like everybody to leave a comment on what a fair price would be, I want to see if I made the kid a fair offer.

   Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for an NFL pack and become a follower so you don't miss any of the action.

  That's all I have for now.
                  Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Go Jets!

Thanks for Reading!