Thursday, January 6, 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf With My First Trade Post of 2011, and Another Contest Plug.

    Hello all. Today I come to you with my first trade post of 2011. I first and foremost must apologize for my lack of trade posts from the many awesome trades I made with so many tremendous bloggers out there during the last few months of 2010. It became much busier around here then I expected and my being unorganized really slowed me down blog wise. I consider myself a fair trader but when it came to posting them I really sucked and for that I am sorry. I love each and every trade I have made with all of you out there and don't want my lack of trade posts to reflect any negative feelings about any part of any of them. With that I am turning over a new leaf and promise to begin anew in 2011 and get back to properly thanking all you generous traders I have the pleasure to trade with.
   With that being said I have the first opportunity with a package I receive from Rhubarb Runner over at “é rayhahn, rayhahn” He's a great trader and it usually goes very easy to work out a trade with him. If you got Twins, he has interest and this one was no different. He posted some Mets trade bait and he baited me in for a great trade. I sent some Twins stuff he wanted and in return these beauties showed up.

 Five 2009 and one 2008 Golden goodies /2009 and /2008 respectively along with a 2009 Omir Santos RC Black bordered /58. On the bottom left you can see a 2002 Topps Post Mike Piazza and a Black Bordered 2009 O-Pee-Chee Carlos Beltran.

   As you can see the Piazza is # 4 of 30 and has a Post logo on the bottom. I assume that it was part of some promo set post released in  02 but I haven't done any research so I leave it up to you readers to fill me in with some info on it. (UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF POST) I would tell you the number on the Beltran except it's a blank back error card. I love the error cards and this one is no exception. I have seen quite a few from the 80's and even own a couple but I haven't seen any in any recent years sets so I am not sure how rare this one is.

  Next up some hits.
   A 2002 Topps Chrome Top of the Order Benny Agbayani gu jersey and a 2010 Topps Chrome Jerry Marte auto. Coincidentally Madding over on Card on Cards speculated that this blog may be named after Benny Agbayani and then this card shows up. I will state for the record that is not the case but a funny observation I must say.

   These two 2009 Upper Deck jersey cards of John Maine and Billy Wagner were intriguing to me due too the black jersey color. I already have one of the John Maine cards (pictured below with the new one) but as you can see, different colored swatches. A quick E-Bay search shows several black Wagner's but only one Maine.

   There you have it, a fun package courtesy of  Rhubarb Runner.

  On a different note, the man known as Wicked Ortega is having another contest over on My Past Time……. I Love It!!. As always he goes big and has a great prize so check it out. This is the second contest he is running this week as he is on a very generous streak and I can attest to that as I won his first contest this week. Yea for me!
   That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams people!

UPDATE: Mark from Mark's Ephemera sent me this info on the 2002 Post set.

Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Cool pics of the two John Maine Jersey cards.

Steve D. said...

Nice pickups! Thought I would've been the only one interested in that Agbayani card

AdamE said...

Rhubarb is always sends a ton of Topps Gold cards.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Post card came from a box of cereal. I wish they'd do that again (as long as it's a cereal I'd eat).

Dude, you're just as easy of a trader to work out a trade -- pleasure doing business with you. (And I have access to Piazza's if you come across more Twins)

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