Friday, January 14, 2011

Tomahawk Chopping Chops Me Some Sweet Cards

   Hello all. A little while back I was in a EEE group break over at Too Many Grandersons and met Derick during the live trading part of the festivities and we struck up a conversation on trading some stuff. It is always great to trade with a rival teams fan (Braves) since we both want to get rid of said rivals teams cards. Ironicly he had some players I collect and not Mets cards but that's fine too. He since posted some cards he got from some blasters he cracked and the Yankees looked real good to me so he sent along a great package of Yankess and Mets. I will feature just a few of the awesome Yankees he sent as they stole the show. (The Mets were great too)

First a few base.

   Just a few of many great cards. Bernie Williams is one of my favorite Yankees from the recent past and the (baby face) Pettite minor league card is fun.
  Then some shiny like cards popped up.
   These are the first Bowman Platinum cards I have gotten and while they are not chrome, the shine almost as much. Some pretty good players too I must say. I had to sneak in one David Wright Mets card so this was a good one to do it with.
   Next are the two cards I loved when he posted about them.

    The Jeter Chrome Chicle 011/999 (curl and all) looks great and I have always said how much I like the manu patches. This one doesn't disappoint, Jeter from the 96 World series.
   When I opened this package up I noticed the toploader with the manu patch was way to fat for it but it was full so what gives?
   Another card inside with it....

   A Whitey Ford 53 World Series manu patch, I love it! It's so cool since over the last couple of months I have been expanding my old school Yankees collection and even moved all my pre 1970 players to there own binder and Whitey Ford has been a favorite in that group for me. This patch design is great even though it looks like the Topps employee who glued it down must have been in a rush to go home or something. It still rocks regardless.

    Thanks for a great package Derek, yours is on the way shortly.

    I mentioned earlier how I met Derek at Dennis's of  Too Many Grandersons group break of  EEE. We are both also in his next break of 2008 Razor Letterman tomorrow and you can be also. There is still time to join until midnight tonight and 5 hits are guaranteed so go on over and jump in. The break will also be web cast live so we all can see it together. 

   That's all I have for now so keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


Dennis said...

Nice haul, especially the manupatches. Because of this post I will now refer to you as Patches O'Houlihan and assume that you enjoy drinking your own urine and dodging wrenches.

BA Benny said...

I have no problem dodging wrenches and you can call me anything you want but I gotta pass on the urine part. LOL

Great movie refference.

Dennis said...


Charles @ Hoopography said...

That Pettite card is great. I love old school Classic

Nathan said...

I think the Jeter chicle is my favorite of the lot, nice cards

Derek Hill said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards and glad I could find a good home for the manu patches. I almost held onto the Whitey since I got his auto for free at a cards show several years ago, but that card is the only one of his I need.

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