Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Quick E-Bay Score, Anybody Like the Redskins?

    Hey all. A quick hit today on an E-Bay score. I am a big Daniel Murphy fan and am sorry to see injuries take away his chance to make it with the Mets. With  his lack of skills in the outfield and the emergence of Ike Davis he has become an afterthought in the Mets plans. Hopefully next season he finds a spot and makes it back to the big club roster. The one positive for me is that you can find his cards much cheaper now then this time last year so I found this beauty for a song.

2008 Bowman Sign of the Times Auto

    The seller also had a great combined shipping deal but I didn't see any other cards I really wanted. I grabbed these two Devin Thomas autos on the cheap because I can't pass up a bargain on shipping and I figure maybe somebody may want to trade for them. He played for the Giants this past season after a stop in Carolina earlier mid season. He was with the Redskins in 08, 09 and 4 games in early 10. Check them out and make an offer folks.

  There's another big snow storm forecast for tonight here in NYC. (It has begun snowing as I write this post) I better be able to get to work tomorrow after I lost two days last time because the sanitation couldn't get there head out of their ass and plow my street for 3 days. See my rant HERE. I hope to report back with better results this time.
   Keep rocking those cardboard dreams people!

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SpastikMooss said...

Daniel Murphy fan, eh? I have something I think you'll really REALLY like.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I heard that the Mets will be seriously considering Murphy for second base this year. I am hoping that they do to give him another shot.

BA Benny said...

Do tell Mooss, don't just tease me now. LOL....

I hear that Murphy is doing well at second base in winter ball and would love him to get a shot however he has to contend with Luis Castillo who is due to make 6 million in 2011 and Ruben Tejada who is a great defensive player. If somehow they can trade Castillo (which I don't think is likely) then it would work with Murphy at second with Tejada as a late inning option. Only time will tell though.

(...Joe) said...

Murphy's awesome. He's got a great attitude and he just LOOKS like he's having fun! I hope he can find his way onto the team this year.

Derek Hill said...

Hey Mike,
I put the Jeter Chicle you wanted along with another Jeter (see my blog that is set to post at 10AM) and all the rest of the yanks I had in a bubble mailer and its heading to the post office 1st thing in the morning. Hope you like the stuff in it.

TheBrooklynMet said...

I think that Castillo will end up being cut barring a miraculous improvement, injuries to the other viable candidates, or some other weirdness. Also, the article I read (on ESPN.com I think) did not even mention Tejada as a realistic candidate, which I don't understand. The article talked about Murphy, the rule-5 draft pickup, and Castillo. I am just hoping anyone but Castillo gets the job.

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