Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally Getting Some Love From The Cyber Trades

I have been smiled on bt the Million Card GiveAway trading gods three times. Since my little pity party about nobody trading with me on the Topps site (here) my fortune has changed. I helped a Cubs fan with this trade.

They Got   I Got

Then Jason the Brooklyn Met from Clear Cut Cards offered me this card

so I gave him these cards and  .
He's new to Blogoland so check him out.

Then I scored this card from an offer I made and I gave away

 this card .  I like Andy but already have a few of these cards already.

There you have it, the Topps trade site has found me and been good so far. If anybody want to trade on there with me my cards are listed in the other post linked above. I am looking for Mets stuff.

This post is like a childrens story with the pictures in with the text.

P.S. I am looking for Mets team cards as you can see from my 05 aquisition. I have the following: 1966, 1967,1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1981, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 all Topps. If anybody has any others from any brand or any Topps from the years not listed let me know. I actually collect all team cards except 06 and 07 Topps from any teams but really want Mets (and Yankees too).

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Card Of The Day: Looks A Little Blurry To Me

Hey again all. Today's card is a little different point of view as it isn't about the player, team, card company, age, or anything baseball related. Its all about the background.

2007 Upper Deck #16 Alvin Colina RC

This is a great shot except the player should be blurry and the military men should be in focus. Thank a Veteran for what they do for all of us next time you see one.

I have 2 of these so if you want one out of my freebie box drop me a line.


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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Card Of The Day: Manufactured Style

Back again with a Card of the Day post. Today we are going with a manfactured letter patch card from 2009 UD Icons.

2009 UD Icons Letterman James Shields Letter Patch "E" sn'd 25/35

James Shields looks to grab his third strasight opening day start for the Rays when the season kicks off this year. That will be a team record. James has been a solid pitcher for Tampa Bay since coming up in May of 2006 for his MLB debut. He was drafted in 2000 by Tampa Bay and worked his way through the minors til 06. Gotta love a success story for a "home grown" player these days as it doesn't happen near as often as it used to. Last season Shields struggled with his control and had his worst year with an 11-12 record but all signs point to him bouncing back to his 06 through 08 seasons form.

This patch is the "E" to spell JAMES SHIELDS. I am one who does like these manfactured patch cards and this one doesn't disappoint. I realy like the design of these as well and I picked up a Jose Reyes one with this one so I would be happy to trade this one for something in a nice NY Mets card. Drop me a line.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Card Of The Day: GU Edition

Back again with a Card of the Day post. Today I have a game used pants card.

2004 Donruss World Series NL #WS-39 Kerry Wood game used pants sn'd 245/250
Kerry Wood was once the next coming of  Nolan Ryan after having a steller rookie season which included a 20 strike out performance among his 13 wins with only 6 losses. He finished third in K's with only 166 innings pitched. In late August he came out of a game with soreness in his arm and he was sat down for the rest of the regular season. He returned to pitch well in a playoff game but the season ended with the Cubs losing the NLDS. All this led to the Rookie of the Year Award in 1998 and Cub fans were ready to ride his arm to the World Series in the near future. During spring training in 99 Woods tore a ligament and had to have Tommy John surgery on his elbow. This was the case for the rest of his carreer as he has battled many injuries He then moved into the bullpen with moderate success before he ended his time with the Cubs after the 2008 season. He signed a 2 year deal with the Indians but rumor is that the indians are shopping him now for a trade.

I like these cards and think Donruss did a nice job with them. I am not sure why the seem to have been shunned by collectors and the industry in general. Is this considered dual game used or a single swatch? You tell me.

This card is up for trade. Let's make some magic and turn it into a NY Mets GU card.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Million Card GivAway: Anybody want to trade???

I have now redeemed 16 codes and submitted fifteen to twenty trade offers with no success. I am a good person, I always give up my seat on the train to old ladies, I have rescued animals from the shelters, I have taught many children how to play our great pastime of baseball, I buy my wife flowers and candy just because, but the cyber trading gods haven't answered my calls. Why oh Why?? My offers are fair and even in the others favor but still no luck. What have I done to deserve this?? I see all the success stories on othe sites and blogs but all I get from Topps is the "There aren't any offers to view at the moment. Click here to make your own trade offer." message. What gives?? Perhaps my pleas to the public at large will be heard. All right, the few people who are kind enough to read my little blog may hear my pathetic pleas. Somebody.........Anybody please trade with me.

All right, all kidding aside, I just want to make some trades on the Topps site to justify the cast to ship some of these cards and make up for the extra packs I may have bought to get the code cards. Here are the cards I got:

I am looking for some Mets or maybe some Yankees. Someone show some mercy on my pathetic Million Card GiveAway existance and make a trade with me.

Thanks for Reading!

Card Of The Day: 07 Topps Generation Now Ryan Zimmerman

Hello again all. Today I am back with a "Card of the Day" installment featuring a 2007 Topps Generation Now insert .

2007 Topps Generation Now #GN248 Ryan Zimmerman
    This insert set featured some of the games young stars and their accomplishments during the 2006 season. I could not find the exact information but if I remember correctly there were about 600 or so cards that featured 10 or 12 different players. There were some variations of these cards where the players name was missing on the front of the card.
   This particular card is recounting Ryan Zimmerman's 31st of 47 doubles he hit in 2006. As you can see the back of the cards show a lot of information about each specific hit down to very small details.
    All in all I liked this set a lot but I didn't build it due to the size of it.

This card is available out of my freebie box if anybody is interested.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trade With Offy's In My Mailbox Today

I  Arrived home from work today to find my end of a trade I made with Mike of Offy's Sports. I traded him some David Ortiz Relics. I also threw in some other Red Sox cards to purge my New York sports fan home of some Boston Red Sox cards. While I am a Mets fan, I also like the Yankees and figured what better deal then Red Sox for Yankees and Mets. Here we are with the loot.

2010 Topps Peak Performance Melky Cabrera GU Jersey
A nice looking Melky jersey card and my first keeper from this years Topps game used effort.

2010 Topps Babe Ruth Hat Logo Patch sn'd 66/99
I happen to like these this year and couldn't go wrong with this Babe Ruth card. Now I just need to find me a Mets version.

2008 UD Masterpieces David Wright Gold Bordered sn'd 4/10
A very nice Wright card and now my lowest print run of him.

Those are the cards agreed on for the trade and then some bonus cards popped out.

A couple of Luis Castillo cards (one gold sn'd /2009) and a diecut Johan Santana

A four pack of Jose Reyes with one gold sn'd /2007

Some Ultra gold parallels (Beltran & Glavin) and a couple of 205's (Beltran & Murphy)

1993 Colla Collection Ho Jo, Bobby Bo, Doc, and Eddie Murray.
These were the taller and thinner cards.

Seven of the 2010 Topps Cards Your Mother Threw Out inserts
I needed five of these for the set and the two I had I needed the dups for player collections so it's a win win.
 Of the 22 bonus cards I needed 19 so I think that is awesome. Overall I am thrilled with tis trade. Thanks Mike, I look forward to trading again.


Thanks for Reading!

P.S.  I will be adding a traders and wanted page to my blog soon starting with 2010 Topps and then growing it from there. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 Topps Cereal Boxes break (That means 2 Million Card codes also)

Back again all with 2 Topps Cereal Boxes I picked up at Target.

I will not bother with the base as we all have seen quit a bit of that and get the idea. Starting with the inserts I will go with the sets I am building.

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out #'s 20 & 25

Turkey Red #'s 8 & 33

Toppstown #'s FCTTT17 & TTT22

GC1 & GC6

Million Card GiveAway (I forgot to take picture)
TMC7 & TMC10

These are sets I am not building so I am just pulling Mets, Yankees, and certain players and will trade the rest.
LL21 (x2)

#'s 19 & 24

#'s 6 & 10

#'s 4 & 12

# SO (Not sure why I only got one of these)

GOLD #'s 29 & 153 sn'd /2010

Now for the redemptions!



Two pretty good redemptions. I am still trying to pull off my first trade with these but no success yet.

I hope to have a trade and want list for the 2010 set on my page soon. I have a good bit of base so if anybody needs some just send a list.

Sorry for such a boring post but it's been a busy, busy few days at work and lousy weather to add to the job fustrations.
Thanks for Reading!