What I Collect Table

Any trade interests, feel free to e-mail me.  mg7768@aol.com

   I collect mainly baseball and some football cards. My favorite teams are the NY Mets, NY Jets, and N.O. Saints. I also like the Yankees and football Giants. I collect pretty much any cards from these teams. I really like the Game Used, Serial Numbered, and Auto cards the most and collect any I can find. I have player collections that include any cards from ANY team they have played for. Some of these players in no particular order are:
  •  Mike Piazza
  •  Tom Seaver
  •  Cal Ripken Jr.
  •  Pete Rose
  •  Eddie Murray
  •  George Brett
  •  Mike Schmidt
  •  Gary Carter
  •  Johnny Bench
  •  Tony Gwynn
  •  Carlton Fisk
  •  Nolan Ryan
  •  Dave Winfield
  •  Jim Palmer
  •  Orel Hershiser
  •  Reggie Jackson
  •  John Olerud
  •  Bo Jackson
  •  Fernando Valenzuela
  •  Ozzie Smith
  •  Willie Stargell
  •  Dave Parker
  •  Roger Clemens
  •  Andre Dawson
  •  Wade Boggs
  •  Ichiro
  •  Yaz
  •  A-Rod
  •  Hank Aaron
  •  Vladimir Guerrero
  •  Frank Thomas
  •  Jim Rice
  •  Barry Bonds
  •  Kirby Puckett
  •  Dontrelle Willis
  •  Rusty Staub
  •  Ralph Kiner
  •  Randy Johnson
  •  Mark Fidrych
  •  Steve Carlton
  • C C Sabathia
  • R A Dickey
  • Bob Uecker
  • Jim Abbott 
  • Santa Claus
  • Jason Bay (ALL Mets, other teams relics, autos, sn'd, x-fractors, and refractors only)
  • Shawn Green (ALL Mets, other teams relics, autos, sn'd, x-fractors, and refractors only)
  • (FootBall) Boomer Esiason (ALL cards, any team)
  • (FootBall) Jimmy Clausen   (Relics, autos, sn'd, x-fractors, and refractors only from any team)
  • (Racing) Michael Waltrip (ALL Cards)
  • (Racing) Richard Petty (ALL Cards)
    I also collect stadium seat relics (any sport/event), team cards, error cards and their corrections,  promo/sample cards, stadiums, managers, cards about New York, team logo cards/stickers, and cards with American flags somewhere on them.
I also do some football. Any NY Jets, NO Saints, and NY Giants.

      As far as trading goes, I am open to considering any trade, big or small.

 Thanks for Reading!