Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Greatest DS Of All Time?

      Hello all. Nachos Grande's contest beckons again. Thanks for reading and please vote for me when the time calls for it.
    This is the story of an epic event in the long and illustrious career of  one of the greatest Designated Slayers (DS for short) of all time. His name, Sir Edgar Martinez, a legendary slayer of all kinds of beasts from coast to coast. His home castle located in the Great Northwest territory in the region known as Seattle. He comes from a large group out of the region that included Lord Randall Johnson who was renowned for his fireball throwing, Sir Kenneth Griffey a wielder of a great sword and one Squire Ichiro who's speed and accuracy was his calling card. Perhaps the biggest from the King Castle was a warrior went by the moniker Aeth Rod who's skills were much in demand. Alas all these great slayers left the region in search of greater gold, treasures and conquests while Sir Edgar spent his entire slaying career in said Seattle region.
   Here we see Sir Edgar leaving a castle after his conquest of a feared dragon from the east.
    This Dragon was known across the land as a fierce beast that was destroying everything in it's path. There were strange pinstripes on it and it was very strong. When this dragon came to the west region all thought it would spell the end for the Seattle.

   The evil dragon even captured the fair princess, it was a sad day for all.
    The Princess was scared but she was hopeful that possibly the greatest DS in all the land would come and save her. The dragon wasn't aware of Sir Edgar's prowess with his favorite weapon..........
his Louisville Slayer! For it was known across the land that he would strike anything he swung at .356 percent of the time while his OBP (Ogre Bashed Percentage) was .479 and his OPS (Ork Pounded and Slayed) percentage was 1.107 which was the greatest in the land at the time and this meant bad news for the dragon. It was a five day battle, the dragon had the advantage for most of the first 3 but on day 4 Sir Edgar was on fire with many key strikes upon the dragon. Day 5 saw a fierce battle come to an end when Sir Edgar used his strength to execute his double move which felled the evil dragon from the east once and for all. It was a magical moment for all in the region to see such bravery and fortitude by such a noble warrior.

    Many could argue that Sir Edgar Martinez was the greatest Designated Slayer of all time, what do you think?

Thanks For Reading!

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Louisville Slayer gets my vote! :-)

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