Friday, August 24, 2012

Patch Card Of The Day

     Hello all. Quick post today. Check out this patch card I traded for at my LCS with another regular customer
2009 Upper deck SPx
John Smoltz 57/99
   That is a sweet looking patch, I love the 3 layers, like steps.

       Now as any respectable Mets fan I can not like Mr. Smoltz for all the pain and suffering he's caused us over the years but as a baseball fan I have no choice but to respect his accomplishments over the years.
Do you have any cards in your collection from teams you hate, or just don't like?
Come on you can admit it, I have plenty and just showed you one. 

(Boy, that was like a Fuji moment)

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    I have to add an extra Mets logo due to the Braves feature of this post!

Thanks for Reading!


Dhoff said...

Very, very cool patch. You can't get a much better cut than that. I don't really have any cards I hate. Maybe my Enos Slaughter 1950 Bowman, but I traded that to Dime Boxes. Great card, but Enos' racism pushes me away from wanting his cards. Anyway, I don't think I could part with a sweet patch like you have above.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

only ones I have not traded yet!!

Chunter said...

I'm with Richard on that! SWEET Patch, btw. Wish all patch cards had that "wrinkle!"

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