Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Best Group Break Pull!

    Hey all. Today I have a post for an entry into a contest over at Arbitrary Crap. Martyn asks "Have you joined a Box break & What's the best card you've got?"

   Well I have joined many a group break out in Blogoland and have even hosted one plus I have done some break slot auctions on E-Bay. It really is a great way to get cards of your favorite teams without the clutter of other cards you don't really want and it can save you a bunch of money, especially with higher end products. For this post I will go with a group break I jumped in a while back that Joe was hosting over at The Sandlot. He was busting 2 boxes of 2009 Topps Unique. I picked the Yankees since Joe had the Mets and in this case I am sure glad it worked out that way. Long story short, these were the highlights of my haul.

2009 Topps Unique Unparalleled Performances Alex Rodriguez  
Gold Parallel sn'd 23/25
    This is not the best card but it was a nice start to an awesome box for me. A gold parallel /25 of A-Rod. Love him or hate him, its a great card. Like Joe said when he pulled it for me, "It's funny hoe an insert called Unparalleled Performance has parallels."

Now the feature card that answers Martyn's question.

2009 Topps Unique Triple Threat Auto sn'd 3/10
Johnny Damon
Alex Rodriguez
Robinson Cano

    Sweet!!! The picture doesn't do the job when showing off this card. It looks great! A triple auto from the Yankees. While Damon is cool to get, add A-Rod and Robbie Cano and its a bonanza. Sn'd to just 10 makes it too cool!

     There you have it, my best pull from a group break. The crazy part is that this card was not the best pull from the break. An Albert Pujols Bat Barrel Auto 1/1 came out of one of the boxes.

Thanks for a fun contest Martyn!

Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!

Thanks For Reading!


Martyn said...

Great post, nice cards just getting a Damon would be sweet!

Fuji said...

I can't stand the Yankees... but damn, that's a nice card. Wish I had that kind of luck in group breaks.

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