Friday, August 10, 2012

Ebay Scores (Perfect Timing For Martyn's Contest)

   Hello all. Timing is everything they say and in this case it's true. Martyn over at Arbitrary Crap is holding a contest and today he asks "What was the last thing you bought off of Ebay/COMC or similar site?" Well as things would have it, a padded mailer was in my mailbox today when I got home from work and it was an E-Bay package so lets get to the loot.

    Three for the letter patch collection. I already spelled out the Parnell's but for 99 cents I bid and won. The Tris Speaker is a straight manu letter patch /50 while the Hansack is auto'd /50.

    These 3 jump all over the collections. A cool UFC two color mat relic, the Maybin jersey card hits the American Flag collection (see the patch on his jersey), and the Piven is for my small, but fun celebrity relic collection.

   These 3 are my favorites of the haul. A Piazza jersey card I didn't have (I am around 115 or so Piazza relics now), a sweet 2 color Curtis Martin jersey 24/25, and an over sized Michael Jordon 00520/45000! Hey it's serial numbered, that may be the largest sn'd run I have.

     A great combined shipping deal had me grab these two for trade bait. The Dimwit has first crack at the Lugo while the Wood is up for an offer. Check out the Dimwit's group break too, there are good teams left.

    Head on over and check out Nachos Grande's contest and read the entries for the next round and cast your votes. Of course I hope you vote for me and and Dawgbones (Thanks for the support buddy) if you deem our entries worthy.

Get Out The Vote!

   That's a wrap for now, keep rocking your cardboard dreams.

Thanks for Reading!

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Fuji said...

Love that jumbo Jordan card... definitely need to add that to my wantlist.

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