Monday, August 27, 2012

My Mondo Haul

    Hello all. My run in NachosGrande's contest has come to an end in a super close (2votes) battle. I thank all who voted for me in all the rounds and wish the remaining competitors the best of luck in the remaining rounds. Congrats Brian (30 Year Old Cardboard) on beating me to advance, your post was great.
    On to other business, I was in Thorzul's July and Mondo breaks recently and came out with a pretty nice haul. I had the Mets as usual.
   The July break was a little thin but that's the risk with random lots. Here are the highlights.

     There were even a few other sports, I grabbed the Saints and the unclaimed Islander card came my way.

   The Mondo break was a different story as I scored 10 relic cards from the deal.
A trio of Reyes jersey cards.

A cool looking Wagner patch, and a  Wright I didn't have. A perfect name on the insert set for Piazza and Clemens, Classic Confrontations.

  A Keith, a Doc, and a couple of Strawberrys to round out a sweet haul.
I certainly can't complain about that break. Thanks Bill (Thorzul) for a great break.

Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!
Thanks for Reading!


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