Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Info On Furts Revealed!

    As we all have heard, a murder has occurred in Willow Cove , a quiet suburb out in Blogoland, and the investigation is under way. One suspect, Joey Furts, has a checkered past and looked to have a beef with the beloved Lennie Guttman, the "Gutter King" of the Northeast who was found dead  from blunt force trauma in the store he called home ever since he opened in 1997 and built it into a huge success.

    Everybody in town knows Joey Furts, aka Joey Farts, once worked for Lennie in the Gutter Emporium and was his top installer until Lennie had to let him go. The scuttlebutt around town is that a 3 card Monte game in the back room was the last straw for Lennie who ran a clean and upstanding operation. While Furts usually burned bridges wherever he went this time was different, Lennie liked Joey as they shared a common love and passion, baseball card collecting. That's right, at the end of the day they would enjoy good conversations about their collections and it's rumored they even traded cards from time to time. Lennie was an old school vintage collector while Joey liked the slick high end stuff but they shared common ground in there set and team collecting.
     I have learned from a very reliable source that it wasn't just the 3 card Monte games that forced Guttman's decision to fire "the other side of the tracks" Furts, but it was something far worse that drove the wedge between these two. It would seem that Lennie Guttman saw Joey Furts pack searching at the local chain store. It broke his heart that he saw this and he couldn't get past it. He knew Joey was a hustler and a scammer but to sink to this level was even lower then Lennie ever imagined Furts could go. The speculation is that Lennie confronted him and their relationship would never be the same so he had to let him go.
     What happened after that is what we all would like to know. Guttman was killed from a blow to the head, from a 5000 count box filled with several vintage sets perhaps. Forensics hasn't released their findings yet but my source mentioned cardboard fibers found on the victims cloths. Did Furts go back to try and set things right and it went bad, or did he go back to keep Lennie from spilling his secret? Was it him at all? The facts are coming to light very slowly across Blogoland with stories from different places so who knows which are true and which are fiction, only time will tell. Read them all and put the pieces together. The noble sleuth known as Fan of Reds who's investigative journals are on display at  Nachos Grande will be gathering all the information from his many (37 I think) sources and try to deduce what happened. You can help him by voting for your favorite (mine I hope) when the time is right.  Stay tuned.


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