Monday, August 20, 2012

Dime Box Goodies.... Kind Of.

   Hello all. First off, a big Thank You to all those who helped me advance in Nachos Grandes contest, it was a tight race but I was lucky enough to pull out a victory in the third round thanks to your votes. Stay tuned for the next round, it's a tough card and I will need your votes again.

     Today I have a trade post from a great blogger. Nick over at Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey has a great blog, I suggest reading his stuff if you haven't had the chance. Anyhow, he contacted me about a Marlon Byrd GQ auto I had and a trade was born, well half a trade since I have fallen way behind and owe several packages out to Blogoland including Nick's. It will go out this week Nick and others. On to the goodies he sent me. Here are the highlights of a great package.
     Nick really hit my"What I Collect" table here at The Buffet as he hit several players from it.

   Here are my 9 favorite of the 17 Vlads he sent my way.

    Can't go wrong with some Oleruds, a Dawson and a "Kid".

    An octet of legend Steve Carltons

     Some Pirates all time greats in Stargell, Kiner, and Parker along with a couple Big Red Machine legends Bench and Rose.

   How about HOF Pitchers Seaver and Ryan with future HOFer Ichiro. I guess I liked the Dawson so much I had to show it twice. Oops.

  All in all a fun package from Nick, Thanks and I hope you like what I send out this week for you along with the Byrd auto.

That it for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams gang.

Thanks for Reading!

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Backstop Cards said...

That Dawson is worth showing twice. I like the cards from that set ('93 Upper Deck) where they had the multiple images on the card. It's the reason that somebody named Phil Hiatt found his way into a binder. I like that "In Action" Steve Charlton as well.

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