Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's See How Topps Did, Shall We? Contest? Sure, Why Not.

    Before I start this post let me remind everybody that I am not a Topps hater, complainer, purist, and am usually very happy with the customer service I have had in several issues I have contacted Topps about. Let it also be known that I don't usually do posts like this but I figured I could have a little fun with it.
   Hello all. Let's all play a little game today called "How Did Topps Do?". I received the replacement for my back ordered Diamond Give Away card from back I don't know how long ago. First let me give you a little back story. I called Topps a couple of weeks ago in reference to a missing hit from my 2012 jumbo football box. The rep was very helpful and gave me all the correct instructions for getting said missing hit. I then inquired about a missing hit from a box of 2008 Ginter I bought on a whim 2 or 3 months ago at my LCS. They very nicely told me that there was nothing they could do. Not too cool in my book, a substitution couldn't be too hard to find but they said no dice. OK, I wasn't really too surprised at that but a little disappointed. Finally I inquired about the back ordered card from my give away haul. The rep explained that Topps was trying to find the cards (that they promised mind you) on the secondary market and would continue to do so until September. If they could not find the card that was requested they would send a replacement from the year prior to the missing card along with an additional card to make up for it. I figured OK, I really wanted the card I picked but if they came up short I would get an older card plus one, not great but not terrible either. First let me show you the missing card I wanted.
1970 Topps ERA Leaders
 Dick Bosman, Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar
    Pretty cool card. Let's see why I wanted this card.
  • Jim Palmer collection ~ The main reason I wanted it.
  • 1970 Topps ~ Not too many of these in my binders.
  • Washington Senators player ~ A team no longer around in that form, cool factor goes up a notch.
  • Old Yankee Stadium in background ~ Way cool to see the old (pre 70's renovation) stadium.
   OK, now let's see how Topps did. I receive a bubble mailer today from them and figured maybe my missing football hit was early, that would be great, or maybe the Ryan Braun redemption from back in mid May was finally here. After I ripped it open I was a little surprised to find this letter. Right click and open in separate window to blow it up. Go ahead, we'll wait while you read it.
OK now your back, cool. Let's examine the letter a bit.
  • "Dear Valued Customer" ~ Nice, they like me, they really, really like me!
  • "Thank you for participating" ~ You're quite welcome, I enjoyed the Diamond Give Away.
  • "We have worked diligently to satisfy your order" ~Really? Giving away cards not in your possession was diligent?
  • "We have not been able to fulfill your Individual request" ~ Hmmm, the several I found listed on E-Bay for 69 cents were too much? How about the one on COMC for 40 cents? Oh, it has flaws, you would never send a card with flaws.
  • "One of which is from the same year as the card you unlocked" ~ Maybe you should inform your reps of that since they are clearly misinformed.
  • "As we believe these to be great cards" ~ We will see about that but you are the professionals so you should know.
  • "We hope you enjoy these cards" ~ I will do my best.
 I've rambled enough, let's see what they sent me now.

1971 Topps Joe Keough (Flaws)
1987 Tops Jim Rice All Star (Great Condition)
Let's play the game now. How did Topps do?
  • OOPS! Year before, same year, year after, I guess they were real diligent when they picked that card.
  •  Flaws ~ well you can judge for yourself.
  •  Bonus card ~ Player is Great, set was over produced, card is in great shape.
They believe these are "great cards" ~ Boy I hope they are blowing smoke up our ass because if they really believe that we are all in trouble as collectors.
Maybe Joe was a great player I didn't know about, let's see a few stats.
Joe Keough
Born: (1946-01-07) January 7, 1946 (age 66)
Batted: Left
Threw: Left
MLB debut
August 7, 1968 for the Oakland Athletics
Last MLB appearance
July 26, 1973 for the Chicago White Sox
Career statistics
Batting average
Home runs
Runs batted in
  No disrespect Mr. Keough but an average career at best in the grand scheme of things.
Now you get to participate, leave a comment with your thoughts and grade and I have also added a pole to the right sidebar at the top so please vote. I will random up the comments  or something and give away some kind of prize so spread the word. I will update with the prizes as I find them.
UPDATE: Prize cards HERE, and HERE. More to come.
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The Dimwit said...

My grade: F

Bad luck man, bad luck.

Kazi said...

Grade E
doesn't mean effort

irondequoit36 said...

Grade : F

I am amazed they were able to find a bike that still had the Keough in the spokes...

Dhoff said...

Grade F.

As a teacher, just showing up and turning in junk does not earn you a passing grade. Pretty poopy, Topps.

Captain Canuck said...

sing with me.... "F is for failure, that's good enough for topps...."

sorry bud. that stings.

Mariner1 said...

Let's go with G. It is after F so it's an even bigger failure. You wanted a card with a HOF'er and get a newer crappier card. Topps continues to think that the sheep in the herd don't care just give is cardboard.

Sorry you got the shaft bud!

Spiegel83 said...

Grade: D

I give this situation a D because you at least got something back. Odd that Topps couldn't find the card you wanted. That just seems lazy.

I got your trade package yesterday. Thank you!

Stealing Home said...

grade F...and my teacher philosophy is just as one needs to earn an A, one must earn an F.

congrats, topps. you accomplished it.

GCA said...

It's amazing how a company that produces cards can do things like this that show they know nothing about cards...
Might have an extra '70 leaders card. Will have to check...

Wilson said...

If they were going to send a lesser card in every way, it at least could have included an Oriole or Senator, since it'd be fair for them to guess you might be a team fan. Even the 87 could have been a Ripken and I might have given them a C for making some effort. Overall though, it's pretty inexcusable that they couldn't find the right card when you showed a few places it's readily available.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

That's a BJ Rosenberg kind of FAIL right there!!
Don't know how a reputable card, read that CARD company could screw up any worse than that! Really shows how the monopoly affects the in-DUH-vidual collector!!

Skroeker said...

Grade D - Cards are weak, but at least they spent the postage to mail you a letter. Better than just poor customer service over the phone!

High-Five Man said...

Grade: Big fat F

Chunter said...

Kind of Agree w/Skroeker: D.

They did better than nothing, but they probably didn't consider anything but "book" or Beckett value when considering which cards to send you. That resulted in pretty shoddy cards. Sorry about that man.

BA Benny said...

As per Robert ($30 A Week Habit)

my grade for your swap with Topps would have been "K", because who ever thought that swap was fair definitely had to be "special"

daddyohoho said...

Booo solid F.....

dkwilson said...

F- Just in case you're wondering, that's an F minus)That sucks! Not cool at all! Sorry man!

Carlos Salgado said...

That was a lame excuse that the guys at Topps gave you. They should be ready for claims as the one you did.

Grade: F

Scott Sawyer said...

More proof that Topps doesn't have anyone employed at their outsource contractor that knows anything about baseball cards. I paid so much for postage on my Million Card giveaway cards that I haven't bothered to get a card shipped on any of their other "giveaways".

Grade F

The Lost Collector said...

In college, I took a random course senior year as Pass/Fail (P/F). This is an F. Not even close to a P. It's not like one if the cards was a 52 Mantle. Laziness.

Jeff Wilk said...

Grade = U

Since the card in question was from the 70s and I was in grammar school at the time, I am going with the old school grading system of E, S, N, & U that one could receive on their report card. Anyone remember those? E for excellent, S for satisfactory, N for needs work and U for unsatisfactory. So Topps, you get a U, and I am also sending home a note pinned to your shirt requesting your parents come in for a conference.

Matt Perry said...

Grade = Z

At least you did get something, but that something was complete garbage. Mediocre player and a card in terribly condition. What bothers me the most is that, even though their industry is borderline "gambling" (via the odds of getting something nice), they think they're like a casino when they're really more like Chuck'E'Cheese. Instead of comping your room and making your stay more enjoyable, and apologizing for their mistake, they gave you a ticket for the buffet. Lame.

AdamE said...

Grade = D-

You were not completly shut out is the only thing saving Topps from getting a F.

Joe Average Card Collector said...

EPIC FAIL! I was happy I unlocked 2 cards from 1956....they are on my trade bait judge for yourself...terrible!!! I wrote a letter and returned the 2 cards. They sent two better conditioned cards with the same csrds for free.

BA Benny said...

As per Play at the Plate~~

F as in F U Topps.


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