Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm A Winner! and You Can Help Me Win Again.

   Hello all. Today I have the swag from a contest I won. Oscar, aka Stealing Home, over at All Trade Bait All The Time (ATBATT) held a contest to celebrate 10,000 hits and it was a fun one. There were some questions to answer and some comments to leave and all kinds of good stuff and when all was said and done Random dot org smiled on me and spit my name on the top of all the entrants list and fourth place also to add to my good fortune.
    Now when Oscar posted the winners, this card was under my name....

    I was stoked! A 1962 Topps in great condition with Elston Howard as one of the players. I already set a space in my vintage Yankees binder when he showed the card. Now I figured that was the big card and he may sprinkle a few Mets in the envelope and I was very happy with that but boy was I mistaken.......
    This Philip Rivers manu patch is way cool.

    A Taylor Price jersey, a Marlon Byrd GQ auto, a Clemente 95 reprint, a Mize Lineage and a Sparky Lyle from the Ted Williams set are all awesome cards as well. Now while these are great cards they don't really fit into my already too many categories collection so I will offer them up for trade. They deserve a spot in others collections that will appreciate them more then I.

    Some Mets are always a great prize for me. The Kingman brings back memories.

    More Mets including 3 rc's wit a pair of them being Philip "perfect game' Humber.

    Yankees in the mix also. Lovin the Righetti DK along with some cool Ginters.

    Now this is where Oscar went the extra mile and hit some of my "other" player collections. The Piazza (Dodgers) Laser looks awesome. I put the envelope under it to show the die cut better. I can't tell you the last time I got a Kirby Puckett in a Blogoland package and a sweet DK it is too. Ripken, Murray, Orel, and Rice round out this bunch.

        I five spot of Ozzie Smith cards......

   and a six pack of Ichiros also rocked the package. 

     Here are some other football cards added in that don't have a spot here at the Buffet so these are on the freebie pile, just claim them and they are yours. Some great players in there.

   All and all I could not be happier with my winning loot from Stealing Home and his 10,00 hit contest. Thanks a bunch Oscar and I look forward to adding to the hit counter on your blog reading your great posts.

    Not to be greedy but I want to win more stuff so I need your votes over at Nachos Grande's contest where I am in the running. There is only a half hour left tonight but there will be more chances to help me out in the near future as well so head on over.

That's a wrap for now.
 Keep rocking your cardboard dreams.

Thanks For Reading!

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Chunter said...

I'll bite on the fb cards. My blogger profile contains my email addy-contact me please and I'll see if I can't throw some Metties your way in return.

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