Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Break!

Hello again Buffet fans. Today I have a 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box break to share with you. I have done a 4 part video of all ten packs highlighting the hits and inserts and you can see most of the base too. Below the video boxes you can see some pictures and a breakdown of the box contents. I hope you enjoy.

Here is the breakdown.  The numbers are as follows:
  • Complete set 331-660 (47 duplicates)
  • 4 "Hits" (one more then the usual 3 per jumbo box)
  • 1 Short Print
  • 10 Gold cards sn'd /2010 (one per pack)
  • 10 Cards Your Mother Threw Out (one per pack)
  • 1 Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Back
  • 10 Topps Million Card Giveaway (one per pack)
  • 10 Turkey Reds (one per pack)
  • 10 Peak Performance (one per pack)
  • 10 Legendary lineage (one per pack)
  • 10 Topps Attax (one per pack, these are also the ToppsTown code cards)
  • 10 History of the World Series (one per pack, new for series 2)
  • 10 Topps 2020 (one per pack, new for series 2)
  • 10 Vintage Legends Collection (one per pack, new for series 2)
  • 1 Red Hot Rookie Redemption
Here are a few of the inserts and the hits in pictures. You can see all the inserts in the videos. I am still building some of these sets and will have a list updated on my sidebar in the next few days.
    Cards Your Mother Threw out Frank Thomas. Interesting how they used his rookie error card from 1990. I am still building this set.
    Peak Performance Thurman Munson. The peak performance are up for trade except the Mets and Yankees.
    History Of The World Series Rogers Hornsby.  This 25 card set features moments from the World Series. I would like to build this set so if you have any not on the video, I need them.

    Turkey Red Adam Dunn. I am still building this set.
    Million Card Giveaway. I got all 10 from series 2 but still need #'s 1, 8, and 9 from series 1.
    Legendary Lineage Mantle and Teixeria. I am not building this set so any non Mets, Yankees, or Bo Jackson from the videos are available.

    Topps Gold sn/d 2010. I will trade those for Mets and Yankees.
    Topps Attax are also the Toppstown code cards for series 2. Considering they added several more insert sets it's nice to see them dump this one. While they have improved over the years, they have run their course.
    Topps Year 2020 Ubaldo Jimenez. This 20 card set is new for series 2 and features 20 of todays players on 2020 style cards. they have a 3D feel like the old Sportflics cards but the players don't move. They also give off a bright look as my picture shows. It caused my camera to darken the sides of the picture.

    Vintage Legends Collection Tom Seaver (front) and Nolan Ryan (back). These are also new for series 2 and I love them. This 25 card set takes stars from one era and puts them on cards from another year's set that they never appeared in. I am definitely building this set and can use any not in the videos.

    On to the Hits

    Mike Fontenot Peak Performance GU Jersey
    Nick Swisher Peak Performance Auto
    Roy Campanella SP #489

    Red Hot Rookie Redemption #7
    4th of July Hat Patch Joba Chamberlain sn'd 30/99 
    4th of July Hat Patch Lance Berkman sn'd 5/99

    I love the extra manufactured Hat Patch card. I guess that makes up for not getting a black bordered parallel but I don't mind at all. I am very happy with this box. The hits were cool. I wish I hit Mets but the 2 Yankees are great scores. I could be persuaded to trade the Berkman hat patch, the Fontenot jersey, and the Campenella SP for the right Mets or maybe Yankees. I really like the new insert sets as well which I didn't expect. I don't know if that's good or bad since it just adds to the amount cards I need to complete the various insert sets I am chasing. Anybody hear anything on this years Red Hot Rookies?

    Let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to enter The Buffet's latest contest for a shot at some cards from the team of your choice and a Strat-O-Matic computer game.

    Thanks for Watching!
    Thanks for Reading!


    TheBrooklynMet said...

    You did pretty well. Now just hope #7 is Ike Davis! I'd be interested in the Roy Campanella SP, but as of right now I don't have any short prints from 2010 to give you in return.

    Also, do you have the Mets in Joe Collector's June break? If so, I would love any of the Mets Chicle doubles you get.

    pricelesspursuit said...

    Bonus hits... nice! I'm only two packs in to my box but haven't found any hits yet. I'm hoping for a silk!

    flywheels said...

    Nice video. I busted a hobby box last week, but I just haven't had the time to post my hits on my blog. I did get a Red Hot Rookies #1 Redemption, but have no clue who it is!

    I'd like that Berkman hat logo card, but I don't think I currently have any Mets/Yankees to pry it out of your hands.

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