Saturday, June 12, 2010

Group Break Packs #6 & #7 plus Two More (UPDATED, Video Fixed!)

Sorry about the video mess up. Thanks to Fan Of Reds for the heads up!

Back for more free card goodness here on the Buffet. I was lazy today after working overtime so I went with a video. I picked a good group of packs to do so on. You'll see. Check it out.

All I will say is I was really surprised.
The standing page on the sidebar is updated to include these cards.

Let me know which you prefer, video or pictures and I will favor what the majority likes better.

Thanks for watching!


FanOfReds said...

Your video only appears to be eleven seconds long...

Anonymous said...

Hey, do whichever is easiest for you. It's your blog, we're just along for the ride.

Roy said...

Go ahead and keep the Olerud, Benny. As a Jays/Olerud collector, I'm pretty sure i have that one.

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