Monday, June 14, 2010

Break Packs 10,11,12, 13, and a 93 Topps

Hello again all and welcome back to the mini group break. I am short on time today so I went with another video. I have 5 packs for you today.

A quick recap has the Blue Jays moving into the lead for the base side at 10 with the Mariners jumping into second with 9. The Marlins are still way out front with 6 on the insert side. There were 3 substitutions for 2 players in my collection. I think I upgraded them so I hope the affected teams are happy with what I swapped in for them.

 Dennis Eckersley 93 Upper Deck Award Winners sub set (A's)
Frank Thomas Trading Places insert  (White Sox)
Frank Thomas 08 Topps Gold Foil (Blue Jays)


Roy said...

Man I'm making out with the Jays and Rockies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I appreciate the F. Thomas swap, but I really collect Twins, so if you had something Twins-wise instead, that would be great.

But then again, there's that teeth and gift horse thing...

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