Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day A Card Salute To The Red, White, and Blue

Happy Memorial Day from BA Benny's Benny's Baseball Card Buffet.


 We must all remember the real reason for celebrating this holiday. Honor the great men and women who have given their lives in serving for this great country of ours. Never forget those who sacrificed their lives for us.


I also think we should remember ALL those who have served. I realize that is what Veterans Day represents but they should be remembered every day. I THANK all of the members of this great country's military branches, both past and present, for their selfless dedications to the liberty and freedoms we all enjoy every day.


Now in an attempt to have a little fun and bring a little baseball card action I have assembled a few RED, WHITE, and BLUE card tributes to this holiday post.
First up a NY Mets jersey card salute.
Carlos Delgado Red, Mike Piazza White, and Kieth Hernandez Blue.
I don't know where Delgado (bottom right in quad) gets a red jersey from but it helps with this picture.

Next up is three cool jersey swatches. 

Dave Concepcion Red (patch actually), Jim Palmer White, and Davey Lopes Blue

How about a Cincinnati Red, a Chicago White Sox, and a Toronto Blue Jay

Bench, Thomas, and Winfield

Not too shabby of a trio. I realize Winfield is best known as a Padre and Yankee the most but I don't have too many Blue Jays in my player collection and wanted to use a hall of fame caliber player so Dave it is.

And one more single card. This was a "Card of the Day post" back in February but I think it fits in with today. I still say it's a little blurry.

   I look forward to doing one of these posts for the 4th of July. (Now I just gotta find a red, white, and blue patch card)

Thanks For Reading!

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