Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 cards from Epic break and I still need some addresses

Hey all. I was in a break hosted by Thorzul where he busted 4 boxes of 06 UD Epic. I ended up with 2 cards from the lot.

Kazuo Matsui sn'd 151/450
Kaz Matsui was a failed experiment for the Mets when he came. They even moved Jose Reyes to play second base so he could play shortstop. He was only in NY two and a half years before being traded to the Rockies. As most Mets fans here say, we got the wrong Matsui. The card companies loved him and produced many different cards of him. I have a dozen or so different Game used alone.

Tom Seaver Game Used Jersey sn'd 058/155
I was hoping to get one of these when I signed up for this break. A pinstripe is the icing on the cake for this awesome card. Tom Terrific was a cornerstone of the Mets until they traded him in 1977 to the Reds, still to this day one of the biggest mistakes the team has ever made.
 The pictures don't do these cards justice as the reflections create a dark looking photo.

On a different note I need some addresses from the group break I did a few weeks ago. I need from wickedortega, madding, Roy, pricelesspursuit, Andrew, and gcrl. Send them over so I can get your cards out. I have sent out a few and have six or seven more packed and ready to go out Thursday when I get to the post office.

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